Shanie-Lee Smith (@shanieleesmith)


Shanie-Lee Smith, a beautiful, ambitious striving actress, and model. A determined girl, based in Australia, on her way to achieving her goals. She never admits defeat and overcame her shyness for her passion. She was far too shy to pursue her passion for acting in her childhood. As behind every successful person, there is a strength that supports them in every thick and thin. Shanie-Lee Smith’s father proved to be her biggest strength. He attended classes with her until she overcame her shyness, and this is the only reason she was able to pursue his dream of acting. Everyone will know you and praise you when you will finally achieve your dreams but no one knows the struggle behind it, as now no one knows that Shanie was too shy even to say her name with confidence in front of others. For her struggle, she praises her dad’s efforts for pushing her in the right direction.  

It has been five years, Shanie struggled and many accomplishments came to her. She acted in many short films which have featured overseas and in commercial ads, Web-series and now she has been working on two feature films, one of them being one of the leads. She is famous for her work in Fail (2019) and Begging For It (2019). IMDB and Google recognized her work and a large following base proves that how much her fans love her. Working around the camera always give you many interesting and cute moments with fans, the moment which has a special place in Shanie’s heart happened when she was filming for a short film in the Senate Gardens near the Old Parliament House. A group of school kids gathered around. During the break, they asked out for her autograph without even knowing her. 

The person who struggles itself always tries to make others path easy and try to guide them in the best possible way. Shanie by maintaining her high social life constantly influences others to make the right decisions in their lives and careers, and try to assist them in any way that she can to help them get to where they wish to be. 

That’s not all about her qualities, besides being a great actor and influencer, she loves to read books and also write scripts. She also shared a glimpse of the story of her first novel. It’s a young adult high fantasy novel, following the lives of three siblings who find out their world is not at all as it seems to be once an infection breaks out, and slowly learn just how many secrets their father had kept from them! It a novel that has no name yet. However, she believes that the story when completed will find a name for its self. 

There’s still a long way to go for Shanie, to achieve her goals. She is a versatile and deeply committed actress, she has worked so hard to maintain to stay clean and she believes that no one can use her name and the unique personality she has. Her next film Nightmare of Alice (2021) will also be a big hit and will prove that her acting abilities are beyond words. To know more about her activities, abilities and her first novel follow her at the Instagram account, shanieleesmith.

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