Raïbi Jamil (@2809ms)


Laughter has famously been considered to be the best medicine. We live in a world full of stress and turmoil and comedy is now needed more than ever. It provides people an escape from the harsh reality of today’s world. Comedy provides the general public a much-needed escape from the commotion of their daily lives. It allows people to deal with their problems in a manner that is both therapeutic and entertaining. It may be an understatement to say that comedians play an important role in today’s world. Some might even argue that comedians play the same role in today’s society that philosophers once did. A comedian’s ability to lift spirits and make people smile is truly unmatched. One of these talented individuals is Raibi Jamil, using the internet to his advantage, Raibi has amassed over 30 thousand followers on his Instagram page through his incredible comic skills.

Our ability to understand humor is what makes us human. The feeling of making someone else’s day better is like no other. Comics like Raibi have mastered the art of using today’s technology to their advantage. The internet has made spreading love and laughter easier than ever. Raibi thinks it is very important for the positives to outweigh the negatives, he thinks that the internet should be used to make a positive impression in someone’s life. It should provide people an escape from the grim reality of today’s world. The state of the world today is very much like a tunnel, cold and dark, where humor is the only escape, and people like Raibi Jamil are like the light at the end of the tunnel. They are using their platform to spread positivity which is the only hope in these cold times.

Raibi started his journey of making people smile through his mother. When Jamil’s mother was undergoing cancer treatment the only thing that would put a smile on her face was funny posts on the internet. Raibi would scour all over the internet for hours looking for funny posts to make his mother smile. After his mother passed away Raibi was struck with sorrow, he was unsure of what to do with his free time. But he powered through these difficult times and decided to continue his mission of entertaining the masses. Raibi decided to make it his life’s mission to make people laugh. He wanted to make sure that no one has to feel the sorrow and sadness his family did. 

He set out on his journey of spreading joy and happiness by creating a page on Instagram where he posts funny pictures and videos daily. He uses his knowledge of the internet to his gain. He now spends most of his days looking for different ways to entertain and amuse those who are going through a tough time. Raibi Jami wanted his content to be inclusive and accessible to people all around the world, which is why he never forgets to translate his posts from Arabic to English for his international audience. This divine mission of spreading happiness and jubilation all over the globe is deeply appreciated by the online community. This incredible humanitarian initiative has earned Raibi Jamil a great amount of respect and admiration among his community. People from all over the world can be seen showing appreciation for his work. 

One of Raibi Jamil’s fondest memories is when he shared one of his posts with his father and he started to become emotional. They started to reminisce about how his mother used to laugh hysterically at these posts and forget her pain.

Raibi Jamil’s incredible work allows people to put behind the trials and tribulations of this world and laugh. Raibi considers making people laugh and smile to be one of the most divine and necessary duties as a member of society. He plans to continue this mission of putting smiles on faces for as long as possible. If you want to keep up with Raibi’s work you can follow his Instagram @2809ms.

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