ONE Presets (@onepresets_)


In the digital age today, there are a number of jobs that were inconceivable some years ago. These fields involve expressing one’s creativity through various software. Thus, there has been digitization of creativity. This is manifest in a number of areas, such as graphic designing, videography, photography, and various other disciplines that utilize the digital platform to craft narratives and share ideas. While pursuing such creative objectives, obtaining presets for images and videos that perfectly convey one’s story is a blessing. They embellish one’s content, provide ease in editing, and form beautifully crafted stories that are visually appealing, strong, and purposeful. One Presets, an eCommerce store, contains such beautiful preset packages featuring a variety of hues, tones, and palettes. They aid in forming stories that are remarkably edited, which is only possible by presets that are tailored to your need; an end that is facilitated by this dynamic online store.

Every artist has their own unique style. This is evident by observing the works of any successful artist across the world and one may find a theme. The variety of tones in One Presets contains different shades and hence, in effect, different themes. When an artist uses a certain preset, they make a statement about their own unique style. Eventually, this style may even become their signature one. It may become part of their artistic endeavors and hence, an imperative component of their work. In order to truly define themselves and their work, an artist needs to pick each element with great care and caution. Therefore, choosing the right preset is an essential element of the process. An intelligently chosen preset may be the game-changer for one’s career, propelling it to new levels of growth.


A great feature of presets is that they are pre-built and adapted for each unique situation; they contain an assortment of shades that define every image perfectly. For content creators, such variety not only spurts their creative growth but also adds much-needed diversity in different images and frames of a video. This is a necessary component of popular works of art as well as successful artists. For example, in One Preset’s Travel Tones, the blue, white, and brown hues of different images are highlighted that results in a stunning picture; one that is hard to remove one’s eyes from. In Purple Tones, individuals’ pictures amidst scenery can become one where there is breathtaking beauty all around, all defined by beautiful shades of purple. With B&W, classic action scenes, car fights, and even pensive beach pictures can be formed by inky black and dull white shades. One cannot help but feel in awe at these images; their story and message become all the more powerful after such skilfully crafted presets are applied onto them. Truly, this makes such presets a powerful resource for every aspiring and established designer. 

It is also notable that the company provides its customers with the ease of using such presets on a number of different operating systems, Whether it is iOS, Android or even Windows, One Presets services extend to all kinds of users and their preferences. This not only makes it easy to work upon one’s projects on various kinds of devices but also within the comfort of one’s mobile phone, anywhere, and anytime. There is thus, absolutely no hindrance to working. 

One Presets is an enterprise dedicated to serving the creative needs of its customers. It acutely recognizes the importance of this need because its founder, Eric Hernandez is a professional photographer of over 5 years. He is aware of the strenuous work that post-production requires and hence, initiated this platform to provide ease to all kinds of artists. Tailored for the Lightroom software, these presets can miraculously transform the quality of one’s work, making it a masterpiece. With such presets, every image is picturesque. To form your own picturesque masterpiece and to avail exciting discounts and promos, follow on Instagram @onepresets_ or @Eric.Films.

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