Nausicaa Dell’Orto (@nausicaadellorto)


Women gave made tremendous incursions in numerous areas of life. Especially in the field of sports, which was male-dominated for a considerable period of time in history. In earlier times, women were discouraged to participate in sports and were thought of as frail and physically inferior. But with time, they have proved themselves not only worthy of playing but also as excellent athletes who have brought in impressive feats. This is largely due to the efforts of a few pioneers who took a stand in the face of adversity and fought for proper representation of women in certain sports. In this way, slowly but surely, women have been able to make a name for themselves and pave the way for the future generation of women as athletes.

One such name is Nausicaa Dell ‘Orto, born and raised in Milan, Italy, who grew up to lay the foundations for the first-ever all-female tackle football team in 2011. Nausicaa has been promoting the sport in her country ever since and giving a voice to women all over the world who are passionate about this sport. She has been telling her story on social media and due to her impressive skills, more and more people started to get interested in the sport. Today, the Italian Female League has fifteen teams, a National Championship, and a National team.

Nausicaa, as the captain of the National team, has competed several times at the World’s Women Football Games. And as also acquired the titles of the winner of the 2014 Italian Championship and was named the Top Defensive Player of her league in 2014, 2016, and 2017. In the United States, Nausicaa has also played in the WFA in Philadelphia and Tampa Bay for two years.

Needless to say, she is energetic, passionate, and ambitious. And she brings the same energy to her everyday life as well. She took in the fundamental beliefs of devotion, responsibility, and hard work that she learned during her time on the field and let it guide her career to what it is today. 

Apart from being a brilliant and talented sports player, one of her greatest passions is film and video making. She loves telling stories through her work. After getting her dual bachelor’s degree in Languages and Communications at Milan’s University of the Sacred Heart, she studied TV production at Boston University and started her journey as a Production Assistant for Sky Sport in 2016. She went on to be selected as an intern in the Producers Department at NFL FILMS. Once she had completed her internship, she wrote and produced two documentaries for NFL FILMS Presents, while playing football in an All-Pro Female football Team in Philadelphia. The documentaries that she worked on were so excellently made that they were nominated at the 2019 Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Feature Anthology. This goes on to show that whatever this woman does, she excels at. Now, she works there as a freelance producer. And continues to follow that passion of hers whenever she has free time from playing and coaching American Football.

One of her goals since the start was to give a voice to women who were interested in this sport, and she has opened many doors indeed. To make this a reality, she participated in the first and second NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum where fifty influential women in the NFL discussed how to provide women more opportunities in football and to make it more accessible for them. She is also a motivational speaker. Over the past seven years, she has appeared on multiple TV channels such as NFL Network, FOX1, Sky, and Sports Illustrated, where she has spoken up about women who play American Football all over the world.

She has made a big name for herself, and it was no overnight success. Nausicaa has shed blood, sweat, and tears to be where she is today and has created a considerable platform for herself to achieve her objectives. In the last three Super Bowls, Nausicaa worked as a reporter and a producer. She is also a Jordan Brand ambassador in Europe and is working to create the first female tackle football program in the history of the NCAA.

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