Kalen Gray (@kalengray)


Kalen Gray is the founder of “Gray Group PTY LTD”, and a brilliant automotive specialist. His hometown is in Matcham, South Wales, Australia. He has a remarkable talent for manufacturing cars that stems from his educational background; Mechanical Technical, Thermal Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia. His passion for engineering has brought him grand success throughout his life. A life led with the devotion for cars, investment, and building a company that manages assets and provides security. All of this was possible because of his strong-willed personality and the consistent efforts made into achieving his dreams.

Kalen Gray’s love story with cars began since he was a mere child. His father, just like him was always invested in projects and activities related to mechanics which directed his enthusiasm towards engineering. He was constantly around the tools and machinery needed to develop an early mindset towards repairing and manufacturing parts. His father’s shed was occupied with projects all the time plus Kalen joined him by helping him complete them. This refined his skills by putting him at a head start in his career. He grew up inspired by this lifestyle which increased his moral support and made his future goals certain. His upbringing as an already learned specialist acted in his favor as he got accepted as an Electrical Apprenticeship at a large manufacturing plant. His journey from being an engineering graduate to owning a manufacturing company started with this enormous opportunity. He worked at Borg mfg from 2007 to 2014. After this, he joined GG Electrical & Engineering and also became the Co-Founder at Cu Environmental & E-Waste management in 2019. Kalen still has many goals to reach, but his achievements up till now prove that his life is set to be full of success.

Kalen Gray has an Instagram with almost 12 thousand followers who have access to his work updates and see pictures of his adorable dogs too. He has multiple photos of cars he has fixed on his page and other companies that he works with as an automotive specialist. If you want to see his work and are into cars then his social media is the best place to reach him. His Instagram username is “kalengray”, be sure to check his feed and follow him.

Kalen has reached various milestones in life but, the one remaining strong in his memory dates back to 2012. He purchased a brand-new Toyota GT86 and decided to customize the car by turning it into an improved version. The car was also not released officially in markets, thus this version attracted people. Many people started following Kalen and this generated a huge influx of investors and international buyers. Tatsuya Tada, Chief Engineer of Toyota, visited Australia to take a look at this car. He also praised it for other people creating a snowball effect. His car is famous in the automotive industry and still receives appreciation on a global scale. This event has had a significant impact on Kalen deciding to become an entrepreneur, and also see his potential. He gives credit to Tatsuya because his massive audience built him a market that takes orders on an international level.

Forged Performance is also a company that supplies and manufactures car parts. You can find many posts on Kalen’s Instagram of his work there and the photos of the cars he has fixed collaborating with them. Kalen Gray is continuing his father’s legacy by working every day with cars and selling them. The automotive industry is competitive and companies have to work hard to reach the top. Kalen has displayed that he is capable of introducing new modified cars and also run a business on the side. He is a man of multiple talents and a well-established entrepreneur in the automotive market. He is an inspiration for all others who want to be a successful entrepreneur and also have a passion for dealing with cars. Kalen is proof that all you need is determination and hard work to reach your dreams and excel at what you want to do in life.

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