Joshua Ieuan Williams (@saintcalifornia)


Joshua Ieuan Williams, more famously known as Ieuan, is a 21-year-old up-and-coming singer/songwriter born in California with over 30 million streams for his sold-out headlined tour. Used to the spotlight since he was 6 and learning to play the drums while helping out his elder brother’s band, Ieuan has a natural talent for drawing people to his personality and, by extension, his music. Moreover, Ieuan also has a knack for playing the bass, guitar, and piano.

His journey of musical self-discovery was further propelled when at the tender age of eleven Ieuan began to write his music. Soon after, he started converting his lyrics into songs and uploaded them on sites such as Youtube, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Furthermore still believing in his potential to develop and flex his musical muscles, Williams taught himself how to write, produce, and DJ, electronic music which he uploaded on different social media platforms and played live at his Catholic middle school for events such as the School Dances.

Not only did all this experimentation help Joshua in his path to self-discovery, but also mobilized his art into a full-fledged career. The music he produced in his inclosed bedroom space was now gaining recognition and landed him gigs near the East Bay. All this happening before he ever stepped foot into a recording studio, had a manager, or singed up with a label. Ieuan attributes his rise to fame from the fact that he comes from a long line of musicians, such as his granddad, who was a jazz singer in East London during the ’60s, a sentiment his mother (who is also a singer/ songwriter) agrees with.

True to his Virgo personality, Ieuan is a passionate individual, always striving to be his authentic self, from coming out as bisexual at an early age to focusing on continuing his passion for music and his dream to open his label instead of going to college.

His aspirations were quick to pay off, with his music being backed with big-name artists such as Troy Sivan and Miley Cyrus. One special incident Williams is quick to recall is a particularly heartwarming show of support, when a year after graduating from high school, Ieuan was chosen as a headliner for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2018. Something Miley Cyrus was quick to pick on and send support for through her social media, sending him clothes from her line to wear on stage. 

Williams first song was released back in 2014 when he was 15 years of age, named “Freight Train”,  a cover of an original song by Sara Jackson Holman, which wracked in over 20,000 views in under a week on Soundcloud. Later into the year, He released “Pink Suburbia” – his first album which featured nine tracks in total and drew heavy inspiration from one of his favourite artists, Troy Sivan’s album “Blue Neighbourhood”. It was during this period that Ieuan transformed his image through phases -this being the “punk phase”, where he expressed every year of his life through specific colours “to keep track of (his) progress”. His second album labelled “Saint California” was released during his “blue phase” and featured a more mature and artistic perspective into his music, earning its place spot in the top 20 R&B charts on iTunes and retaining its spot for over two weeks. Ieuan has also been featured in Rolling stones and Billboard and had his music played on iHeart radio earning a lot of support from various other artists. 

With over three thousand followers on Instagram (@saintcalifornia), Ieuan has a dedicated and supportive following of fans. New to the platform he is still constantly building and growing his fanbase by interacting and updating his supporters regularly. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community he also acts as a perfect idol for his followers who are yet to discover themselves, Ieuan gives them a ray of hope and positivity in an attempt to encourage them to accept themselves for who they are. 

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