Jordan Pannowitz (@girlinthebandana)


One of the greatest forms of art is the one found in photography. Photography is the art of capturing moments and saving them up for later. It may vary from a simple documentary to a huge wedding event. The main purpose behind it is to capture more than just a picture. A well-photographed image is the one that screams emotions and can develop an entire scenario before a human eye. However, what goes behind a camera is a talent that the respective photographer holds. Photographers across the world are known for the unique style they feed into a picture to make it seem magical. 

One such rising, and extremely talented photographer is the girl named Jordan Pannowitz. Also goes by name “girl in the bandana”, Jordan is the true definition of sincerity with her work. The passion for photography rose inside her when she was just fifteen. After being gifted a professional camera by her aunt, Jordan immediately put her passion to work. Starting with taking free photos for friends and family, Jordan eventually escalated on to doing shoots for weddings as a back-up photographer. When she turned twenty-three she started charging for her work and her business kept expanding. It was a unique style that Jordan had which brought her to shooting for eight weddings a month! Her clients kept recommending her to others they knew of and that is how more and more people became aware of this young photographer.

Although the industry has a thousand more photographers, however, what sets aside Jordan from the rest is her uniqueness. When asked once in an interview about it, Jordan told how she uses the technique of high contrast, enabling colors to stand out more. Moreover, she is very aware of what her clients need. To cater to their requirements she makes sure that she edits every single photo that exists so that one refrains from asking about the missing pictures. Another huge quality Jordan has is that she charges relatively low as some other professional photographers tend to charge. Jordan feels as if she doesn’t need to be rich, but to secure a stable place in the field of photography. She believes that it is her passion and the purpose shouldn’t be money at all. However, the money she makes is mostly used up in the new equipment she buys. 

A very interesting part of Jordan’s life is having the privilege to volunteer for children’s cancer charity Camp Quality for the past five years. Since Jordan also happens to hold a degree in Medical Radiation Science, she is found working 4 days a week in a hospital in Radio Oncology. The impulse to volunteer cancer patients is however the result of her being associated with the idea of making people happy. Generally, when people come together to pose for a picture, it makes Jordan extremely happy to see the bond that lies between the family members or friends. It is a personality trait that Jordan holds where she cherishes being the reason somebody smiles.


Today, Jordan has managed to become an identifiable name when it comes to photography. She is one of the most requested photographers in the entertainment industry. Her biggest achievements include none other than photographing the legends of the time, namely, Dua Lipa, Halsey, Rita Ora, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc. She is also a constant photographer for The Reservoir Room, a platform streaming the best live music every Friday and Saturday night. With the immense gratitude she currently is receiving, Jordan found it easier to establish a website by the name, which specifically provides a glance at her portfolio and serves as a platform where clients could book their slots. However, her initial business website http://www.jpannowitz remains a website still for booking weddings and family shoots. One can learn the scope of choosing passion from Jordan as today she stands out in the name of expertise amongst a thousand others. 

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