FBF K.O (@tharealko)


FBF K.O is a recording artist and hip-hop rapper based in Atlanta, US. He has been in the industry for a while now and has released many singles during his time. Towards the end of 2019, he released his first studio album, Problematic. He has been using his experiences not only to grow into a better person but also to create songs worth listening to.

FBF K.O has been calling himself a rapper ever since he was just 8 years old. He would often be found listening to his favorite tracks bopping his head and rapping along. It started as a fun way to pass away the time for him, he figured he was quite talented. His friends and family encouraged him to tell him how he could take rap very seriously in the future.

As he got older, he began writing some of his own lyrics. He has good linguistic skills – he had a way where he could express himself perfectly in very few words. FBF K.O took inspiration from some of his idols like Jay Z and Lil Wayne. He loved rapping along to their songs as it would brighten up his day and give him a confidence boost. Using their rapping style, he created some honest and very personal lyrics.

When he was old enough to stand his own two feet, he decided to pursue music as a career. Through the encouragement and help of his close ones, he launched off with a single. He has collaborated with other artists and music producers in the industry who have greatly helped promote his work. Over time, FBF K.O has been able to garner a large following across his social media platforms. People enjoy listening to his unique and fresh sound.

FBF K.O has made it his mission to bring the true essence of hip-hop rap back into the music game. Most of his songs have a catchy beat to which he raps. He shares how he has grown as an individual and mentions some of the hardships he has faced in life. He released his first-ever album, Problematic, in late 2019. Being released on most music streaming platforms, it has done quite well. He has had his work promoted and support by his fellows.

Currently, the young rapper has over 28.5k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as SoundCloud and Twitter where he has 8.9k followers. He makes sure to upload a large variety of content catered to each platform. He knows the importance of being regularly in touch with his followers. His fans appreciate how open and honest he is with them.

FBF K.O’s Instagram is filled with plenty of content. He has uploaded posters of his new releases along with snippets of his songs. He uploads the lyrics of his songs as his captions which are quite thought-provoking for his fans. He makes sure his fans get to hear all about his latest releases so that nobody misses it. Additionally, FBF K.O also adds IGTV videos of his entire song. This is truly a bonus for his fans who can listen to a few of his songs right from Instagram.

He does not shy away from sharing his successes with his fans. FBF K.O is well aware that many of his fans who listen to his music are aspiring artists themselves. Thus, he needs to show them his success in the hopes that they will be encouraged. On Spotify, FBF K.O had crossed a total of 375k streams by December 2019 – this was surely an exciting moment for him. He had to share it with his fans to thank them.

FBF K.O is surely destined to go far in his career. He knows the importance of working hard and being set on his goals. He does not stop until he reaches perfection. He is grateful for all the support he has received, and he hopes that he can encourage other aspiring artists.

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