Daniele Macuglia (@daniele.macuglia)


Some people have very deep roots in ancient times. Whatever profession they choose, their inspirations are always within their personalities. Daniele Macuglia is also the best example. Daniele Muglia (born in 1984) is an atomic physicist who has completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pavia in Italy, and a master’s degree in the history of science from the University Of Chicago, USA. He is an intellectual Historian, Historian of Science, and a Public Speaker. He belongs to Italy and was born in Tolmezzo. Currently, he is going through his Ph.D. research work from the University of Chicago Fishbein Center in the History and Philosophy of Science. His research work is about the influence and spread of Newton’s ideas on gravitation and the nature of light among mathematicians and natural philosophers in 18th-century Rome—one of the major European hubs for the spread of Newtonian science. The Modern world has deep traces from Ancient Rome civilization. Ancient Romans have a great influence on science, arts, languages, and technology.

Macuglia is a member of many physicist societies like the Italian Society for the History of Physics and Astronomy and the British Society for the History of Science. He has been honored several times at a very young age. He has been awarded the 1st prize by the Italian National Olympiads for Young Scientists and got a Special Prize at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. He also received an Honorable Mention by Italian National Olympiads.

He has a multi-cultural influence in his career and personality. He loves to go beyond the geographical boundaries. He enjoys nature, sightseeing, and the scenic beauty around the world. He wanted to bring something very unique with the insight of science. Once he went to receive the young scientists’ award from the European Union then he met many people around the world. He was already the follower of the Italian Renaissance. 

He has the strongest inspiration from “Leonardo da Vinci, Divine Artist”. While we talk about the Italian Renaissance, the first name comes is unquestionably the Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Leonardo da Vinci is a well-known personality around the world. He had a dazzling personality and a versatile genius. He had been an artist, an inventor, and a well-known scientist. To get deep inside the Italian Renaissance, one needs to study Leonardo, who had fully personified the resilience of his age. 

Daniele Macuglia is a fun-loving person and gets pleasure from hangouts with multi- countries and cultures’ friends. He explores different cuisines and loves to eat seafood. He has collaboration with chef Bellissimo. Distinct as these approaches are, they are linked, Macuglia believes, by beauty. “No matter the particular religious view, philosophical assumption, or scientific theory under consideration,” he says, there is something “extraordinary and intrinsically beautiful in all the ideas used to explain the mysteries of the universe.”

The Italian native Daniele Macuglia, once attended thanksgiving weekend while studying at the Chicago University, was captivated by the Helke family who has welcomed the international students and has given the real meaning of what Thanksgiving is. Macuglia, the native Italian Physicist, became a member of the Helke family. They have given him a chance to visit the best parts of America. It wasn’t proved to be a conventional holiday trip rather it has proved to be a bridging culture between two nations and their cultures. They have served some of the ancient forgotten tastes of Italian cuisine. This excursion has gone beyond the scope and served as a revolutionary point in his career journey because Helke Family has given him real home feeling. It has lead to the culinary journey to the Middle Ages. He has taken it to seek this opportunity to try the forgotten Italian tastes and to gain knowledge about etiquette and the culinary culture of the 14th Century in Italy.

Macuglia is a Versatile, lighthearted, boastful, and pleasure-loving, he contrasts with nobler and cerebral character. He has an interest in culinary arts besides. Then he has collaborated with a TV personality, an Italian celebrity Chef Francesco Bellissimo. He is also a versatile person and has a multi-skill set as Daniele does have. Their collaboration aims to renaissance old forgotten Italian tastes and recipes.   

Daniele is mesmerized by the old and ancient buildings and places. He is fluent in several languages like English, French, Italian, and Japenese. Language serves a key role to understand the culture and rituals of any civilization and is necessary to move around the globe.  

Daniele Macuglia has a very inspiring and charismatic personality and the best blend of science and arts. He is writing a dissertation on the spread of Newtonianism in the Italian peninsula in the 18th century and travels back to Italy often to delve into archives. He completed graduate work in physics before coming to Chicago to work on the cultural dimension of the evolution of scientific ideas. He believes that History is an extremely important aspect of our life. We can’t visualize what it would mean to live without knowing where we came from.

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