Austin David Sorrells (@mobyaustin)


Out of most of the occupations, one of the hardest to date is becoming a pilot. There’s a higher risk of being a pilot than any other profession. One has to be invested in his dreams to make it to the target. People from far away may think of it as an easy job once you get the hang of it, but what goes behind becoming a pilot is only known to the relative person. A person who professionally claims to be a pilot is multitasking to a whole new level. From nervous breakdowns to dealing with the pressure of making it home safe, a pilot indeed goes through a lot more than many professional degree holders do. 


Austin David Sorrells is one such goal-oriented personality, who by profession is a pilot. Born in Ashville, North Carolina, Austin had always been attracted to sky-gazing since a very young age. The airplanes that would fly above his head inspired him from an age as young as nine when all he did was invest his time into flying radio-controlled planes. As time passed, at the age of eleven, Austin had the privilege to get hands-on his very first flight lesson. After that, once every month he would practice and not give up till he finally got the chance to display his practical skills. It was his sixteenth birthday when he did his first solo. Getting certified in becoming a pilot, Austin passed his private pilot check-ride a month after turning seventeen. 

To secure a career in this field he was so fond of, Austin decided to leave Florida to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The reason he chose this university was for apparent reasons. It is the largest university specializing in aviation and aerospace and Austin would not have been able to give a better start to his career otherwise. Being a senior currently, Austin had gone through multiple hardships a normal student tends to face while being at this stage. The most challenging part on his end was getting familiar with the roughness that covered the entire university. One of the reasons behind it appearing to be complex initially was that he was entering a stage of professionalism which is meant to be puzzling nevertheless. However, the second huge barrier that crossed Austin’s path was dealing with an instructor who he was not compatible with as a student. With time Austin learned to cope with the reality that existed and was able to pass his check-ride in 2018. The ride of experience he went through studying in this University resulted him in being inclined more towards his dreams and the thrive to reach his goals intensified instantly.

Besides being a pilot, Austin is also found influencing a part of the generation through social platforms that exist today. He is found on TikTok, a social networking service used specifically to create content including, dances, lip-sync, and talent videos by the name @pilotaustin. With a huge following of 125k, Austin makes sure he is taking his followers through his journey and is an inspiration to all. An interesting experience Austin encountered was having the chance to fly in warbirds, and being the source of producing such content about various paths as a pilot. On his official Instagram handle, he is found by the name @mobyaustin where he shares several moments of his journey with his followers. 

Today, Austin, at an extremely young age, act as an inspiration for many other people. Throughout his career, at certain stages, he felt like giving up and relaxing, but then to get up again, he had to remind himself of how far he has come. He reminded himself of the dreams, the passion he has for becoming a pilot, and favorably, it helped him move forth and be acknowledged.

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