Yonatan Epstein (@betterwith_headphones)


Growing up, it was predominantly thought that in the media industry, the live-action versions of movies were the hardest sector of the film industry. However, too many people overlook animated movies, biographies in their craze for following live-action versions. What most people are unaware of is the amount of hard work animating a movie takes. Some could say that this job is harder and more grueling than any other in this industry. While we are no experts, after looking into what animating a movie entails, it does seem likely that it is equally, if not more hard work than filming a movie.

Animating movies can be done in various ways- some prefer to hand draw it, some prefer digital art, CGI, and other animation features. Whichever way the animators prefer, they still have to produce 25 frames per second, record artists and synch their voices with their characters, and create entire scenes from absolutely nothing. In a lot of animation industries, including Disney, Ghibli, all of the shows and movies are heavily dependent on the OSTs (original soundtracks) they produce. Thus, to successfully create an animated film, a great many factors have to be considered. This is why people like Yonatan Epstein are so highly regarded in the industry.

Yonatan, like all those who grow up to excel in such industries, had an interest in animation ever since he was young. He was enamored with Japanese animation ever since he first saw it as a child. It is hard to imagine as a concept that a series of emotions could spark emotions and expressions the way animes do, and the form of expression, colors, and stories told within the productions is what drew Yonatan to this field. He wanted to use what he creates to incite emotions within his audience and make them feel happy/sad as well as a spectrum of other emotions through his work!

By starting young, Yonatan self-taught himself a lot and started working as a freelancer. His portfolio grew with every independent job he did and soon enough he was being scouted by huge companies. He eventually got a brilliant offer from one of the biggest companies in the industry and as he read his invitation email, he realized that his dream was finally manifesting! He had finally reached the point where he could work and pursue what he had always dreamt of doing, as well as get good pay and be recognized for his brilliance!

The work he was given was strenuous and he often had to put in long hours but as he was doing what he had dreamt of doing his entire life, he was happy and satisfied. He was eventually scouted by A-1 Pictures after that project and has been with the company for the past five years!

Yonatan took music and art, his two passions and combined them to make something truly beautiful. With his Israeli heritage and art style, he was able to bring something new to both industries! He established his website https://hi-ye.info/and his YouTube which is Youth Emotions Studios and his company website www.yestudios.net. He also has an independent Instagram @better_withheadphones and regularly shares his work- both music and art with all his followers!


He is not only known for Youth Emotions Music but has also received recognition for various films he has worked on with A-1 Pictures. Some of the movies he has been credited with being “He is an ultimate teacher”, ‘Holmes of Kyoto’ as well as the Israeli film ‘Starting Point X’! All of these films easily take more than a year each to produce, some go as far as two to three years including pre-production and post-production, so it is truly a wonder than in such a short time, he has worked on so many things! He has already achieved so much in this short time and there’s no doubt that he will go on to achieve much more.

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