Renado Mohamed (@zoogangsavage1738)


Renado Mohamed also is known as zoogangsavage1738 is talented new hip-hop and rap artist belonging from Paterson, New Jersey who has made a name for himself in the music industry. This artist creates music that is upbeat and full of erratic energy. You can hear the emotion in the rap lyrics and feel the words that send goosebumps to your soul. His music is characterized by rap and hip-hop genre, thus the energy of the songs is always fast-paced, powerful, and intense. He has worked for many years, releasing multiple singles and albums gaining more fans each time. The highlight of his career is his debut with other artists like Fetty Wap and 6ix9ine. These artists paved his way into the industry by increasing his contacts and shedding light on a skilled artist who is yet to be recognized on a global scale. 

Renado began his journey into music with many struggles due to coming from a background filled with poverty and growing up with fewer accessible opportunities. This factor did not drive Renado away, instead, he uplifted himself and worked hard enough to move out of his neighborhood and build a better life for his family. He grew up with the influence of hip hop due to the culture of his neighborhood. This helped navigate his interest in rap music and show him his untapped potential. According to Renado, this potential was explored while working alongside Fetty Wap and 6ix9ine. The artists helped him refine his skills, and find out who he is as a creator. Every singer has a flare that represents their personality and vibe. Renado also had to find his true essence in music and display that to his audience. This progress requires the chance to meet successful artists, learn from them, and then established the root of what makes one an artist. Renado found his true meaning to being ”zoogangsavage1738” through this opportunity and it also opened multiple doors into the industry for more unique work.

Renado is already an accomplished man to a great extent. He has released 12 albums in only the span of 2 years! This truly projects how hard working and efficient this artist is towards his music. His passion for rap attracts many other struggling artists like himself and fans alike to support and appreciate him with every album release. You can purchase his albums on apple store, and also this link;

Other than the apple store, you can find his music on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The best part of Renado’s songs is the convenience of finding them on all platforms making it easier for fans everywhere to listen and enjoy his art. He also has an Instagram with 38 thousand followers, and twitter. His usernames are zoogangsavage1738 for both platforms, just insert the name if you want to follow this artist and be updated regularly with his work! He is known for reciprocating to his fans and treating them with the highest respect and gratitude. His treatment of fans is another reason this artist is headed uphill towards more success and more collaborations.

Zoogang Entertainment is the management of zoogangsavage1738, and also the creation of Renado Mohamed himself. He is the CEO of his own record label company and has contracts with 6ix9ine, Liltekkka, and the late Houdini. This is a new enterprise but already has established itself with many fellow hip-hop artists and rappers in the industry. This highlights Renado’s capability to not only create music but also be a competent businessman. The Instagram page of the company features many artists including fresh creators who need a boost in audiences just like Renado once did. This venture is an inspiration for all people that want to be the leader of their own lives. Renado went from being a child with nothing to a brilliant self-made entrepreneur. His work will leave a legacy for all future rap artists who want to work for what they believe in and create a life with no one in charge but themselves. 

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