Louvens St Jean (@llouvenss)


When many have tried to evolve and flourish in the entertainment industry, yet have failed, the 20-year-old Louvens St Jean is already a prominent figure in the filmmaking and online modeling industry. Louvens has stopped at nothing to achieve his passions, and this exact fiery drive of his had allowed him to enjoy such great success and global recognition, at a very young age. Entrepreneur, filmmaker, model, actor, writer – you name it and he does it! Young individuals just like Louvens are ones we all keep a close eye on, intrigued to see how they will continue to grow and become masters in their respective fields. 

Louvens, born October 1st, 2000, was drawn to filmmaking, ever since he was a child. He particularly fell in love with the concept of using filmmaking as a vessel to carry his niche perspectives and ideas to the rest of the world in a cinematic and artistic fashion, while also imparting lessons of value and substance. On this, he says “l believe the more value you bring to the world the more benefit and advantages you will get in return”. 

The key thing about Louvens that led him to where he currently is how he developed a winners’ mindset by learning from masters and geniuses of his field. Louvens read numerous books and studied the mindsets of extremely successful individuals that he was inspired by, to learn how to pave his path in the creative arts world. Through this, Louvens amazingly taught himself many skills like how to act and write scripts! 

After Louvens graduated from Everett High School in Massachusetts, US, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Academy of Arts University, he dove headfirst into the business space to develop his entrepreneurial skills and finally apply all that he meticulously researched. This led him to become the co-founder of the company Grand Studios Picture. To have accomplished such a tremendous feat at such a young age goes to show the inspirational drive that Louvens possesses to achieve anything he sets his mind to.  

Under Grand Studios Picture, Louvens wrote and acted in the central roles of many short films including The Nightmare and Industria Tenebris. Moreover, he and his company have made numerous music videos for debuting artists in the industry, and have also produced many concert videos. Louvens seems to balance all these different aspects of his career with the utmost professionalism and skill. His expertise and success have been celebrated and displayed across many magazines including Soul Central Magazine, radio programs like the globally known iHeart Radio, and major tv networks. 

Additionally, In the process of further honing in on his filmmaking and entrepreneurial skills, Louvens came across Wesley Virgin – the self-made millionaire and owner of “Overnight Millionaire” – who became his mentor. This proved amazing for Louven as he would on occasion pause and ponder on his beloved projects, thinking on how to best create them in his particular vision. This started to fester in is mind until Wesley taught him to reprogram his mindset to practically and physically solve his issues to achieve his personal goals.

To add on, Louvens is a deeply humble and grounded individual as he has always been God-fearing and virtuous. He always held the belief of fully striving for ones’ success, yet continuously putting God first, instead of succumbing to superficial desires. Louvens also lovingly engages in philanthropy by contributing to give food to people at his church. This is virtuousness is how Louvens seems to maintain his deep-rooted humility and desire to add value to the world. 

Lastly, Louvens is a successful online model, particularly on Instagram, where he currently has over 43.4k followers. Due to his following, many brands approach him for sponsorships and business deals, like the brand “yeouthskincare”. Besides this, Louven posts high quality, trendy and fashionable menswear images– in which he seems to always look effortlessly stylish and handsome. With such a bright and successful future ahead of Louven St Jean and his aesthetic Instagram posts, everyone has their eyes on him. To get yours on him too, it is advised to follow his Instagram account – with the link being provided below: 

  1. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/llouvenss/

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