Kim Shapira (@kimshapiramethod)


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kim Shapira – MS, RD – is a celebrity dietitian, currently based in LA itself. Kim’s journey towards becoming a dietitian began when her friends, and Kim herself, struggled to practice a healthy and balanced lifestyle – hopping onto the latest weight-loss trends, one after the other. It was there and then Kim decided she wanted to study diet and nutrition to learn about the real science behind the food. 

After completing her studies at the Boston University, Kim became a registered dietitian and started her private practice, even serving celebrity clients like actresses Kaley Cuoco and Brittany Snow, and even radio host Jenny Hutt. After 20 plus years of practicing as a dietitian, Kim says that even though it is human nature to look for grand finales, it is the small consistent victories that bring real joy; for her, it is the success stories of her clients who have embraced a healthier lifestyle, feel much better about themselves and their bodies, having learned about the science of food and how it is processed in their bodies. Kim has her website ( where one can find – if they subscribe to Kim’s Tribe – pointers, tips, and tricks about dieting that she gives her celebrity clients as well. 

Due to her expertise in the field, Kim has appeared in many publications and television shows as a guest expert; some of which include Glamour and Dr. Drew. She has also worked in many hospitals, sports clinics, addiction centers, and even Universities. What is unique about Kim is that her method of teaching and dealing with clients does not include tracking meals or counting calories. She claims, focusing only on how much you eat and how many calories you take is a stressful relationship with your food – something that should definitely be avoided since it takes away from the whole purpose of opting for a healthier lifestyle. Instead, Kim believes in food freedom and says no to strict dieting. Her psyche is that everyone should be aware of what is nutritionally necessary to charge up our bodies and how the only time someone should be eating is when they are hungry. If people master this then they can overcome over and under eating and start living a healthy life. 

Wanting to start a healthier lifestyle is very daunting and difficult in a world that runs on processed food and a toxic image of beauty. A decision like this should be made out of one’s own will, not because of social pressure or the need to fit in or impress others. Because if it is a decision made from self-determination, then only can it last a long time and bring a positive change in one’s life. It is also important to realize that not all paths lead to weight loss and fitness and correct. Things like crash dieting and starvation make the person even unhealthier even if one starts losing weight. Being thin does not necessarily mean being healthy. What is important is, like Kim says, knowing the nutritional importance of food items and eating when the stomach demands. 

For Kim, success does not come in the form of big cheques or popularity in her work field but the “ah-ha” moments of her clients. It is the small milestones that her clients achieve which keep her going and make her want to work more. Kim thoroughly enjoys helping people who struggle with their eating habits or weight, achieve their goals. And that too in a manner that optimizes a healthy, more stable, change rather than a quick unhealthy solution to a life long problem. Because nothing is worse than having a stressful relationship with food, as per Kim, because that not only hinders healthy weight loss and a better diet it puts mental pressure on the person. 

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