Ketlhotse Mametja (@la2wentyfour)


Ketlhoste Mametja, more commonly known as la2wentyfour is a hip hop artist and rapper based in Houston, Texas. However, he dwells from South Africa, working in the US acting as a voice for his home country. He developed his love for hip hop in 2015 after coming across Mase, an American rapper, songwriter, and minister. His music inspired him and invoked a sense of passion for Mametja regarding music production. He has always been an avid fan of acoustics and tunes, which further contributed to the success of his career. Music has always brought in great emotions for the young rapper invoking empathy, contentment, bleakness, and grief. Such overwhelming feelings helped him develop his music and showcase it to the world.

La2wentyfour wants people to experience a rollercoaster of emotions through the melodies he produces and be inspired by him to accomplish more in life. He acts as an exemplary idol for his fans, constantly giving back to the community to keep them motivated with the help of his words. He believes that music is the perfect way for one to express themself all the while allowing the listeners to explore and ponder over their life as well. The rapper emphasizes the discovery of one’s self, using the art of music production as a medium to display the array of sentiments one experiences, for example, the loss of loved ones, heartbreaks, betrayal, contentment, and satisfaction.

He narrated a significant happening in his life which greatly impacted the growth and success of his career. Initially while experimenting with styles, Ketlhoste wrote and released several songs focusing on a recent heartbreak he went through, not expecting much response he continued with his work. However a few weeks after, he found out his songs had reached a large audience of people who were highly appreciative of his style. People were so emotionally attached to his music that it was said it helped many overcome their sadness and depression claiming it to be a kind of ‘medicine’ for them. His mom was also overwhelmed with the release of his first officially released studio song, that she cried for over an hour because of how touched she was. This incident further made Ketlhoste realize how much power this industry held and how gracefully yet impactfully it changed people’s lives. 

As evident by his appreciation of feedbacks it comes as no surprise that Ketlhoste gives his fans the utmost importance. He claims the only reason he is where he is, is because of the love and immense support of his fans who never seemed to doubt his talents and trusted him throughout his journey. To express his gratitude towards his supporters Mametja formed a movement called ‘Blueway’ which focuses on giving back to his fandom by constantly interacting with them and showing how much he appreciates the efforts they make. His movement involves reposting fan arts (music covers, drawings, paintings, etc), hosting giveaways, or simply just conversing with them through comments or direct messages. Recently he bought a Corvette with a specially designed number plate dedicated to his movement – ‘Blueway’. He even released a new song called ‘Blueway’ around two weeks ago where he expresses his love for his devotees and shows gratefulness for everything they have given to him.

Ketlhoste Mametja has various platforms dedicated to not only communication with supporters but also for putting out music. His music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music whereas he can be contacted through Twitter and Instagram. Since Maemtja prioritizes interactions, he is most active on Instagram (@la2wentyfour) having a massive fifty-one thousand followings. However great success comes with its own difficulties, quite a handful of individuals have been impersonating him on different platforms in an attempt to tarnish his name and reputation. However, despite such difficulties, he remains positive and hopes to overcome these impersonations to create a healthy, happy, and toxic less community around him. 

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