Joseph Lizyness (@lizynessj)


In the digital age, everything that previously seemed unreachable has now been brought into the proximity of just a few taps on your phone. When in the past the idea of owning a business would result in some very interesting reactions from those beside you, today it’s no matter of surprise. Everyone has the means of starting their business in the world today. In a society where hundreds if not more, start-ups are launched every day, it is very difficult to stand out and have individuality against your competition. Investors look for the most promising projects and choose to work on them, the more promise a project shows, the bigger the chance of long-term investment security. Even business investment has become its field in the world today.

To shed light on the intricacies of what goes on behind the scenes in investments, there is an individual who has made a name for himself in the world of business investment not just as an investor, but rather a mentor and a guide for young entrepreneurs looking to venture into the business sector with their ideas. Joseph Bradley Lizyness is an investor of tech startups, the Chief Marketing Officer of startup Snowball, an author, and even an aspiring musician. 

To say that Joseph’s journey towards tech investment was a straightforward one would be an understatement. He started as an active-duty soldier in the US Army, serving for four years including a 15-month deployment to Iraq. However, Joseph’s interests lay elsewhere, and after his return back home, he started researching about startups and public companies. This interest soon developed into a passion for the field, and Joseph started to look for other opportunities which led him to find out about multiple, hard-working, innovative people in the technology sector. Their startups showed great promise, prompting Joseph to take a leap of faith and develop an association with them, an effort that paid off tremendously, and the rest is history.

Out of all the notable experiences that Joseph went through, the most interesting ones have been one-on-one interactions with the creators of various startups. Joseph got to work with some of the most talented individuals in the field, including Jose Montero of ‘Blue Social’ and Parul Gujral of ‘Snowball.’ These young entrepreneurs showed incredible promise and led Joseph to develop his belief that the future is much more secure in the hands of young, hard-working individuals rather than corporate empires that stagger in the stocks market. Every nation needs to further propel its youth to the future, provide them more opportunities, and help them stand tall since they are the ones who will be running the country in the future.

Joseph’s wisdom regarding his field led him to find talented individuals he could further mentor and guide. Wanting to return even more to society, Joseph has embarked on his pet project of writing a book that further educates the masses about the importance of investing responsibly and promoting young innovators, and how you too can turn a small $100 investment into a profit with tenfold the payoff. The book titled, ‘Angel Investing With $100’ will be released soon on Amazon and other similar platforms, so be sure to check it out!

Despite his increasingly busy schedule, Joseph still manages to take out precious time to make music covers and even original music to continue in pursuit of his passion. He is currently seeking verification across his social media platforms as a legitimate business often runs the risk of impersonation, and he wishes for his followers to only interact with a credible source. As an influencer on social media platforms, Joseph has established a high standard of work that he prefers to be kept consistent throughout all his ventures. To find out more information about the amazingly talented, genius Joseph Bradley Lizyness, be sure to visit and interact with his Instagram profile: @lizynessj.   

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