Jorge Martinez (@_justaguyy_)


Jorge Martinez is an emerging entrepreneur and YouTuber. He is focused on creating family-oriented content which makes people happy. One of his plans is to build a school and this shows his commitment to the community and his wish to help society. He also uses his platform to hold giveaways to help those that are in need. Jorge’s entire brand is built on helping people and creating positive vibes so people feel good about themselves. As he grows as an entrepreneur and YouTuber he will surely leave an impact on society.

Since he was a young boy, he has wanted to spread positivity. He would always try to make others happy and would try to help them in whatever capacity he could. Even though he was never rich, he used whatever talent and resources he had to give back to other people. This led to him creating funny and emotional videos. He hopes that his videos can inspire people and remind them that they are loved. 

In his mission to help other people, Jorge has often taken risks. This one time he gave 300 dollars to a random stranger from the Philippines. This person ended up using the money to give back to his community. He kept Jorge updated with the progress of this project and then recorded the reactions of all the community members who were happy and grateful. This allowed Jorge to witness firsthand how he had made a difference in the lives of other people. It filled him with happiness and strengthened his future resolve to help more people.

In today’s day and age, social media has become a potent tool to build a following and to reach other people. Influencers and entrepreneurs use the power of social media to spread their message and create an impact. Jorge understands how useful social media can be and so he has worked hard to build a prominent online presence. He can be found on Instagram as @_justaguyy_ and is close to hitting 50 thousand followers. He states that “just a guy” means that he believes that all he needs to be to help people and create positive change is just a guy.  

He uses his Instagram as a platform to host giveaways and to share funny and wholesome videos that will surely entertain his followers. He has hosted many giveaways on his profile. His very first post was an iPhone giveaway and gave away an iPhone 8 and 200 dollars. He has recently started a campaign to give away an iPhone 8 and 200 dollars monthly. He has also conducted laptop giveaways. He gives his followers the chance to win big prizes. He also often shares personal pictures with uplifting and emotional captions. A recent post of his was on father’s day and he talked about the importance of fatherhood and how it is necessary to be there for your children. He also frequently posts fun and entertaining videos which he films with his friends. He regularly engages with his followers through his videos and they enjoy his content and express their appreciation in the comments section. 

Jorge may come from humble beginnings but he has a big vision. He does his best to help people whether it is through his giveaways or by producing entertaining and feel-good videos. He is extremely committed to spreading positive vibes and does his best to utilize his platform to help his community. In today’s world, it is rare to find an individual like Jorge who is selfless and so deeply invested in the wellbeing of others. He genuinely cares about other people and tries his best to help in whatever capacity he can. He is also steadily building a large social media presence for himself which will surely help spread his message so he can actualize his vision. Jorge will surely go far in the world of YouTube and entrepreneurship, and he will leave a lasting impact.

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