Joey Foley (@foleynyc)


Joey Foley has always gravitated towards sports and fitness. He has been on the field since the day he learned to walk. Foley has always shown great skill and competitiveness on the field, he played as a Division-1 football and track athlete at the University of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, tragedy soon struck Joey and he was sidelined with an injury. Due to this unfavorable event, Joey had to abandon his dream of one day becoming a professional athlete, he transferred to NYU where he graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Later he pursued a Masters in real estate and finance at Columbia. Joey later pushed towards a career at Wall Street, but it wasn’t enough. Joey found himself unhappy, he realized nothing could make him as happy as sports did. But Joey managed to pull himself out of his sorrow and find new hope in the form of triathlons. While training for these trilithons Joey found himself helping and giving tips to more and more people. This made Joey realize that his future did not lie at Wall Street but at the gym. Joey found his way back to fitness, where his passion and heart had always stayed and opened up his own gym.

Joey is the Co-Founder and co-owner of Punch Pedal house which is an indoor cycling and boxing studio in New York City alongside his wife, Nada, He is also the Head Instructor of Workout Design. Joey has had the honor of training world-famous celebrities and international supermodels like Jay Ellis, Bryan Greenberg, Reja Nyari, Skye Stracke, Vikram Gandhi, and many more.

One of  Joey’s greatest accomplishments came when he designed the award-winning fitness studio, Rhythm Ryde which is a group fitness class orchestrated to the beat of the music. Joey is known for his extraordinary ability to make intense workout sessions fun. One of  Joey’s greatest accomplishments came when he designed the award-winning fitness studio, Rhythm Ryde which is a group fitness class orchestrated to the beat of the music. With Rhythm Ryde Joey was able to change the entire landscape of the fitness industry. Joey Foley is certified by the CFSC – Certified Functional Strength Training and Gleason’s USA Boxing. Joey is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing names in the fitness industry. His unorthodox approach to training is the reason behind his rise in popularity. His modern and innovative methods attract crowds from all over New York City. Foley’s academic history has given him the experience required to run a successful and lucrative business. Foley is a firm believer in giving back to the community which is why he is always keen to help young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Foley provides these ambitious start-ups with advice on how to run a company in the City of New York.

The world of business was uncharted territory for Joey, he had to overcome a lot of obstacles coming into this harsh and grueling industry without any prior experience. Joey’s rise to stardom was full of drawbacks and complications, but Foley is not one to give up without a fight, like a true sportsman, Joey was able to power through his shortcomings and build himself an empire. This incredible business has led Joey to many unbelievable experiences. Joey has had the incredible opportunity of being featured in many popular magazines such as the New York Post, Hamptons magazine, Social Life Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Bon Appetit, and many other smaller publications all around the world. This endeavor has also led Joey to his future wife and the mother of his child Nada Foley. 

Joey’s story is evidence that the key to success is one’s ability to keep moving forward despite their shortcomings. One ability to move past their failures is what defines them. Joey did not let his injury define his future. He kept pushing forward and created an empire. His story shows how one leap of faith can change a person’s life. You can keep up with Joey’s work by following his Instagram @foleynyc or you can visit his website

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