Fortunate Chidinma Ndidi (@dinmaa_)


Martin Luther very beautifully says, “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage”. He is very much true in his saying because a good marriage is a reason for all the happiness in one’s life. It is, indeed, a beautiful relationship. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very beautiful, loving, and caring lady namely Fortunate Chidinma Ndidi and who is the wife of Leicester city and super eagles of Nigeria football player whose name is Wilfried Ndidi.

Fortunate Chidinma Ndidi is widely and popularly known as Dinma and she is from Nigeria. Dinma is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional lady and she has had a remarkable experience in her career path. Since her childhood, she has been a highly motivated person. She is the lady who trusts herself and her abilities. Besides this, she is of the belief that hard work always pays off and those who do not try to achieve what they want can never succeed in their life. That’s why Dinma keeps working day in and day out to be at the acme of her career. Owing to her hard work, commitment, dedication, and strong determination, she has been very successful in her career and has received a lot of recognition. Another secret behind her success is that she believes in doing more. She does not waste her time in idle gossip and keeps striving hard to achieve her desired and set goals. 


In addition to this, Dinma has got a loving heart and caring soul and that can be witnessed from the fact that she sponsors people through scholarships. Her life according to her has been full of fun and enjoyment because of having a loving and caring family and husband. She is happy to have been blessed with her newly born baby girl. Even whatever she is today is all because of her husband Wilfried Niddi who has always been supportive of her. He not only supports her but also keeps encouraging her. That’s why Dinma is very much grateful to her husband and loves him a lot.  She even loves having a good time with her loving family and caring & supporting husband. 

Furthermore, Dinma believes in being an open and positive minded person who wants herself to be surrounded by optimists. She not only dislikes negativity but also abhors being in the company of pessimists. She even does not pay heed to the negativity around her because she is well aware of the fact that negativity besides discouraging people also distracts them from their path to success and happy life. Additionally, she is a social person with a friendly personality who not only loves being in social gatherings but also enjoys interaction with people around her. Unlike other renowned persons, she does not like to keep static in one place and is fond of traveling across the world because traveling provides her with a chance to explore the beauty of the world and meet new people. 

Additionally, Dinma is always found busy in pursuing her successful career and chasing her dreams. Despite being busy she has been able to develop a balance between her personal, professional, and social life. She is found active on a social media platform like Instagram. Owing to her strong social networking and interactive skills, she has a huge fan following and this can be known from the fact that she on her Instagram account has been able to garner 12.8k followers. The circle of her fans and followers is swelling with each passing day. Through her social media account, she keeps updating her fans and followers about her personal and social life. More can be learned about loving and caring soul if she is followed on her Instagram account, the link to which is given below.


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