Erdi Xhemollari (@erd1music)


Erdi Xhemollari, a 21 years old Producer and DJ of Albania, currently living in its metropolis; Tirana has brought to rhythm the heartbeats of exuberant youth on the dance floors, captivating them in the deep-toned and high-pitched waves of his music. Lately been more inclined toward his production work and composing and producing several music videos, Erd1 in no time became one of the renowned DJs and producers of Albania having gathered the admiration of countless juveniles finding solace in his music.

Fantasizing of carving his career in the music industry as a child, Erd1 fueled his passion with every ticking second of his life believing in his dreams and ended up as a professional DJ and Producer. Devising his music in miscellaneous categories and enlightening his fans with all sorts of frenzy, pop-culture, upbeat, hysterical, and vibrant music, Erd1 has allowed them to feel the rhythmic pulsating in their bodies and made them lose themselves in the ataraxy of the moment.

Showering the flames of his talent in dance clubs and night clubs and various other music platforms in Albania, Erd1 has organized numerous concerts galvanizing radiance and vigour of the crowd in his music mania. He even had the golden chance to get hold of his audience in his alluring melodies and appealing colours of the Colour Day Festival of 2019; a festival that is held annually in June of Albania.

Producing and fashioning music in an awe-inspiring devotion not only opened his window of opportunities to national artists but multiple international artists too which exposed his compositions to Jamaican, Latin, Russian, and many other types of music fusions. His ‘Party Drip’ song in alliance with Shockman, a famous rapper of Netherlands, exceeded 87k views on Youtube. Music videos produced in alliance with his brother Egi Xhemollari (active under the name of EGI) such as Lovely, Sparks, and Want U also stole hearts of hundreds of thousands of viewers on Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, and several other social media apps.

Erd1’s hard work and diligence in a recipe with his craze and creativity for music took him on a road trip of fruitful achievements and soon in collaboration with EGI and Adriatik Bici (adri.bici) he set in motion his label titled as “ButtonPlay Records” serving an exceptional quality of flamboyant rock with just one click of the play button, available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Beatport, Facebook, and Instagram @buttonplayrecords.

In a field where he reaps the opportunity to reinvent himself every day, he breathes his zest into his music. The same relish soaked in his videos accelerated him to almost 1 million streams from around 79 different countries on Spotify in his very first year. Currently being privileged with 54000 monthly listeners on Spotify together with attaining masses of streams worldwide on all platforms of music stores engraves the marks of undeviating progress of his journey.

Picking the pearls of triumphs by producing uninterrupted streams of breezy music videos Erd1 also collaborated with Aire Urbano🇨🇱 duo in his recently premiered “Fuego”, directed by EGI, which already surpassed 21k views in its first months and being highly fancied by fans on Spotify along with the latest release “Numbers” which is brought to light in a joint effort with BLVCKJACK.

Proficient in production of single music videos and extended plays Erd1 is not only fortunate with expertise in the original mix but also excels in the skill of sculpturing remixes of popular songs such as  ‘I Hate You I Love You’ by Gnash, ‘Let Me Love You’ by DJ SNAKE and Justin Bieber,   ‘Alone’ by Alan Walker and several others.

In the hands of a master, records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events of people’s lives and Erd1 inarguably possesses this aesthetic ability of bewitching people’s scattered emotions in a room packed with fanatical audience swaying them heavenly with the tides of music. To get greater access to his artistic production and mesmerizing tunes you can follow him on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @erd1music.

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