Edward Castillo (@gucciblanco_)


Edward Castillo is an artist who hails from Massachusetts in the United States. He is an up and coming artist in the hip hop industry and goes by the name Gucci Blanco on the internet. Born in 2001 in Miami, Florida, Edward felt a pull towards music from a very young age and since then, he started polishing his craft so he could challenge himself to launch himself into the industry. With the music industry being filled to the brim with talented artists all over the world, newcomers and hopefuls who want to put their footprints in the game emerge every single day in hopes of recognition and fame, so Edward, carrying faith and confidence in his music, also dipped his feet into hip hop. 

Being very young at 19 years of age, it is stunning to see how naturally music and rap come to him. His releases on YouTube each have thousands of views and he has managed to garner an impressive number of subscribers on his YouTube Channel (Gucci Blanco), with a large majority of the comments being positive and encouraging. His tracks are all beautifully shot and edited, with the song taking you on a journey itself with the overflowing emotions and dedication channeled into them. Three of his tracks that outperformed the rest are Dime Que Pasó, Hablaron, and Dame Banda. Dame Banda is a particularly heartfelt track as the music video for it was shot in the Dominican Republic and features locals who can be seen dancing, singing, and overall having a wonderful time with Edward. Not only does this show how down to earth and friendly Edward is, but that he is inclusive and allowed the locals of the Dominican Republic to appear in his music video. 

On his Instagram (@gucciblanco_) Edward is extremely open and interactive. He does not present himself as a haughty or aloof individual but is rather interactive and personal. He shares updates about any track releases, some pictures of himself dressed in Gucci wear which is a tribute to his stage name hence very fitting, and pictures with his friends or fellow artists. One of the pictures he shared with the people who featured in his music video from the Dominican Republic showcased his humanitarian side, where he expressed in the caption that we should be thankful and grateful for all that we have. He shared his frustrations about the suffering people have to endure having no food, water, or shelter while most who are blessed are ungrateful. Edward is not shy to express his vexation and even set up a charity to help those in need with any profits he made from his music. He thanks God in most of his posts for the success he has seen so far, and only hopes to go farther in hopes to get his music and his expression across. 

Behind the microphone, when Edward is not performing or making music, he is very humble and friendly. He revealed that he loves all kinds of animals, nature, and old, classical music. It brings him peace and is good for when he is feeling low and disturbed. He also has a studious side to accompany his artistic side, revealing that he likes to study American history when he is not working on his music. 

He is hoping to get verified as he has unfortunately seen a rise in fake profiles or people impersonating him which could potentially be very dangerous to his image as an artist. To help support Edward and his music as Gucci Blanco, follow him on Instagram (@GucciBlanco_) to propel him even further.

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