Demir Yurdabayrak (@ceausmusic)


Demir Yurdabayrak is a professional musician, producer and a DJ from Istanbul, Turkey, who is popularly known by his stage name, Ceaus. He used to be known as his older stage name, Ceau5 but now has changed it to Ceaus. It was through Frok Warner Music Turkey that Ceaus first got recognised and supported for his talent that he now makes music professionally. Since then, he has received support and love from many, many more people from around the world including huge companies, celebrities which one can see from his Instagram. For this year Ceaus has made a plan to release music continuously and regularly spanning it out throughout the whole year so that there is always something for his fans to look forward to.

For Ceaus, music always has been his go-to form of expression. When he was just ten years of age, he started dabbling into music by playing the drums. Since then, music has felt like a force that would take him away from this world and its problems into a completely new world where he would feel free and happier. For him, it is also greatly important to make sure that his music listeners also feel the same way about music as he does and feel uplifted when they do. 

Quite a lot has happened since the time then Ceaus first dabbled into music. For Ceaus, his world has completely shifted, a lot of local celebrities that he grew up admiring are now supporting him and in return admiring him. Since starting working in the music industry as a professional, he also has changed his alias from Ceau5 to Ceaus. Despite this and the usual confusion that sometimes comes with changing stage names, his career has remained the same, people have supported him to the same extent and his work just seems to have gotten better as he progresses further and further above in the industry.

Being in the music industry has got to be interesting and full of unique stories to tell as it seems so eventful. Ceaus feels no different. When asked about the most interesting story that he can think of, his mind immediately goes to his performance in Ayvalik, a seaside town on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. It was the first time that he was on stage that he saw as many people as he did, waiting for him to perform. When he got to perform, the large crowd sang along to his song ‘4 Walls’. This was so emotional and moving for Ceaus that he nearly cried right there on the stage.

Demir Yurdabayrak is a new force to be reckoned with in the music industry as his existing and upcoming projects have been highly anticipated and looked forward to. As he currently is busy with working on new exciting projects with musical artists such as Onur Betin, Nilhan Gencoglu, and Eduardo Togi, it seems almost certain that Ceaus’ new projects are going to be even bigger and better.

Some of the main ways that Ceaus’ fans stay up-to-date with him and his projects is through his Instagram, other social media accounts, and major music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Another way to do so is through his Google stats where if one searched through his name, Demir Yurdabayrak, Ceaus or Ceau5, searches related to him come up. He also has had quite a few interviews on yellow books and other such media. One can also listen to his music on all popular, major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL as his songs such as Let Me Go. One can also follow him on his Instagram handle at @ceausmusic and join his following of almost 40 thousand fans as he heads upwards on the music industry ladder.

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