Daniel Lin (@daniellinceo)


Daniel Lin is the CEO of a very well-known record label titled ‘Enforce Records’ based in Los Angeles, United States. Enforce Enterprises includes digital media PR, music distribution, A&R, talent booking, music festival sales and promotion, and online e-commerce in the United States. While Enforce Records is the main company, Lin is also the owner of the entities Enforce Media, Enforce Lo-Fi, Enforce Pop and is currently set on launching Enforce Studios and Enforce Pictures in the upcoming year, 2021. 

With having the record label fully established and having multiple large-scale projects in the pipeline for the immediate future, it is of no surprise that Enforce Records has over 30,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 21,000 followers on Instagram keeping up to date with all that the record label does and is about to bring forward.

For Daniel Lin, being the CEO of a record label seemed to be the most natural thing to do after his extensive experience within the music industry. Lin started working in the music business as just an event promoter where he worked on promotion the largest music festivals across the country and making sure the reach of these festivals is spread all over the country. He did this job while also starting his own company at the mere age of nineteen years and juggling schoolwork and company work from his dorm room at college. This is impressive for someone to do even if they were older than Lin was at that time! Lin’s job definitely gave him the perks of being able to attend the largest music festivals in the United States for free and the opportunity to network with important people from the music industry which helped him a lot with his own company. All of the networking that he did while working as an event promoter eventually led him to start his very own record label and media company. 

Working in the music industry and being on the inside has got to have led Lin to have had some incredibly interesting and unique stories and experiences. When asked about this, the experience that immediately comes to his mind is getting to meet some of the idols that he has looked up to for a very long time. He recalls meeting people such as Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Yellow Claw and many more artists to be the highlight of his job as it was through these meetings the artists on stage and the people hard at work behind the stage got to meet and bond over their shared love for both, music and performances. 

Lin also has worked closely with college students all across the United States to help empower them to compete with the existing market and produce their own music festivals with the top emerging artists all on their own terms to grow the industry further and also help students who may feel this dream of theirs is too big to achieve.

With his vast experience within the music industry and starting his own ventures from scratch, it is of no surprise that Lin has experience in growth hacking well-funded start-ups to user-acquiring high-paying customers to ride-sharing, e-commerce, on-demand apps, blogging, ad-buying, brand development, social influencing, social media, and management. He also is currently working to grow the largest independent streaming playlist of over ten million followers and four million monthly listeners network on both Spotify and Apple by the next year.

One can learn more about Enforce Records’ current projects and upcoming projects on their YouTube channel, Spotify page, and their Instagram page at the handle @enforcerecords. Enforce Records also has different Instagram handles for different parts of their company, they can be found on the handles; @enforcemedia, @enforcelofi, @encforcepop, and the upcoming projects at the handles; @enforcestudios and @enforcepictures. One can also follow Daniel Lin to know more about his own life behind the stage working on these large-scale music festivals and his upcoming projects with Enforce Records on his Instagram handle @daniellinceo. 

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