Dakota Jace Rae (@iamdakotarae)


Dreams are the pacemakers of life. If it’s a happy life you wish to seek, it is extremely crucial that you dream big, even if it may seem unreachable. History is abundantly laden with examples of people who set out on a path completely different to their destination, but with sheer bravery and trust in their instincts, they ended up revolutionizing the whole world. You may feel like you’re just another human, small and insignificant, but you’re worth so much more. All it takes is a leap of faith and trust in your dreams, and you set out on a path that is destined for greatness.

Dakota Jace Rae is an Australian actor and model with Aboriginal ancestry, who is most commonly known for his roles in ‘My Red Shoes,’ ‘Georgina,’ and ‘Out of the Blue.’ Born and raised in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Dakota has made a name for himself by stepping out of the comfort zones of his small countryside town to pursue his dreams. This tremendously bold step changed Dakota’s life for the better, and the pursuit of his dreams led him to profound internal happiness and contentment.

Growing up in Lightning Ridge which is known as the ‘Black Opal Country’ for its precious and priceless gemstones, Dakota would spend countless hours with his father advising him to look for Opals because they were the one-way ticket to greatness and riches. He was adamant about wanting his son to venture into the same field as himself, and stick comfortably to his roots. However, Dakota had dreams and wishes of his own. He wanted to show the whole world that he was much more than just a simple boy living in the countryside, that he had countless hidden abilities that warranted exposure and recognition. During this time, there was one person who stood by Dakota’s side through it all. His visual arts teacher in school who believed in him and his abilities, and Dakota looked up to her as his mentor. 

Dakota packed his bags and moved to Gold Coast, Queensland, to live with his sister. Having no prior experience with acting and modeling, Dakota immediately set out to work on remedying that, consistently auditioning multiple times a day and applying for new auditions meanwhile. His hard work and consistent efforts finally bore fruit, and after his eighteenth birthday, Dakota starred in his first role in an adult film, setting a path for his acting career to take off. Since then, He has been working tirelessly to fulfill his dreams and has also been involved in numerous other projects in the meantime. 

Dakota is very passionate about the LGBTQIA+ cause and has voiced his opinions as an activist multiple times across various avenues ever since he first started as an activist in 2017. The most notable experience throughout his involvement with this movement was when he traveled from Queensland to Victoria, Melbourne, where he represented Geelong Pride and Melbourne Pride. He hoisted a banner for Geelong Pride throughout the parade and that moment has forever become encapsulated in time, mainly due to the significance and meaning the movement holds in Dakota’s heart as a member of the community. 

People like Dakota Rae inspire others to live their lives boldly and without restraints. You only live once and it is imperative that you live your life on your terms, pursue your dreams, and do what truly makes you feel happy. If you would like to find out more information regarding the amazingly talented Dakota Rae, be sure to check him out on his Instagram account: @iamdakotarae.

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