Charles Januszewski (@charliebrennan)


No one lives in the reality where you reach your goals without a lot of hard work and luck. There are steps you need to take and ladders you have to climb. The road up is hard and it’s important to keep it in mind that the end goal won’t fall in our lap soon after we start our journey. All fields related to art indeed are the hardest to excel in- not because people aren’t talented enough, but perhaps because talent and success aren’t quantifiable in such fields. There’s no test to pass that’ll qualify you for the job, and the competition is also much harder. Therefore, those who do obtain success, especially those who aren’t already born into privilege, deserve all the credit they get! One such individual is Charles Januszewski, a singer-songwriter who has crossed all hurdles to reach where he is now.

Charlie is a prime example that we can achieve our dreams, and also a living idol to look up to! He teaches us that hard work can take you up to the top. Like all those driven by passion, Charlie didn’t land his job as a fluke but rather worked towards it for most of his life. He was proactive from a very young age- a little bit after he turned ten he started writing songs. Though there’s no doubt that his skills have evolved astronomically, he has worked on them since he was 12 years old! Not only that, but Charlie also focused on playing music from a very young age. He was enrolled in guitar lessons since early childhood. However, he didn’t stop at just one, after learning the guitar, he taught himself to play piano by the ear. Learning an instrument is hard enough, but self-learning is a different level of commitment- one which Charlie undertook and then delivered!

Though Charlie got an early start in his career, there was only an extent to which he could pursue it at that stage. He started producing in his early teens only and released his music when he was in High school. However, he didn’t stop his studies. Charlie knew his passion was elsewhere but he decided to dedicate his time to his education as well. After graduating from school, he went to Wake Forest University for four years and did his bachelor’s in Psychology. After that, he went to New York University and enrolled in their Summer Songwriting Program which was closer to his heart! Before embracing his music career, he also did a side job as a Sales Associate to continue funding himself as he worked on his dreams- he is truly an inspiration to all upcoming artists!

In the last few years, Charlie has released a lot of songs and has entered the music industry. His name is steadily becoming more well known and his songs have been streamed more than 40 million times globally! He has released several songs and a few have been recognized by popular platforms- his songs ‘Let Me Be’ and ‘Cool’ were noted on Spotify’s charts as numbers 11 and 39 respectively! He was also recognized by Pepsi and his song ‘The Ocean’ was featured in one of their campaigns.

Alongside his songs doing well virally, he has also performed in many live shows! He has performed in The Bowery Ballroom, Arlene’s Grocery, Pianos, and The Delancey. He has sold out venues wherever he has performed as his many fans have turned up to all of his shows!

Charlie hasn’t been idle in the past few months and has been working on a new EP which is due to be released in a few days, towards the end of this summer! Charlie loves interacting with his fans as they’re the ones who have gotten him this far and he regularly interacts with them on his Instagram @charliebrennan and Twitter @charlie_brennan. He has stayed humble throughout his rise, and there’s no doubt that his attitude and hard work will raise him to greater heights!

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