Chang-Hun Chung (@chang_ifbb)


Living in a world where heart problems are very common it is important for people to cut the fat intake in their diet as it can get highly injurious for their health. There are only a number of people who realize this and spend their entire life trying to live a healthy lifestyle as well as try to educate people by their knowledge. One person who takes pride in helping other people reach their desired fitness level is Chang Hun Chung. Along with being a fitness trainer, he is also a well-known bodybuilder and an entrepreneur from South Korea.

As more and more people are getting aware of their unhealthy lifestyle, the more cautious they are towards what they eat. A nutrition plan and proper exercise can help them meet their desired lifestyle. Fortunately for them, Chang plays an important role to make sure that people get what they want. His brand called Body IP Nutrition has provided nutritional supplements to people for over 5 years. It has a high demand which is visible through its website as well as its Instagram page @bodyipnutrition where it has over 16.9k followers who trust these nutrition supplements for being the best.

After moving to Germany 15 years ago, Chang started bodybuilding. He found it extremely entertaining and refreshing. Constantly pushing his limits he received many certificates and got licensed as a professional bodybuilder. He participated in the Men’s Physique class and decided to try bodybuilding competitions.  Little did he know that the amount of love and recognition he will get from would change his life. He is now a seven times winner of IFB Men’s Physique champion, three times overall champion, and five times Vice-champion. Through these competitions, he got to meet several different people among them were famous fitness experts and YouTube stars like Connor Murphy and Simon Teichmann. Simon Teichman is now one of his loyal friends and supports Chang through their Team fitness group. On its Instagram page, @team_sty Chang and his friends train people to get their desired body. Moreover, on Body IP’s YouTube channel they have multiple videos for their viewers on how to stay fit and informing them about a healthy diet. All together their videos have a huge following and have over 83 million views. 

Along with coaching competition athletes, Chang also runs a website by the name Kayz Fitness ( On this website, there are all sorts of diet plans, day-to-day exercises, and tips for people struggling to meet a healthy life. In addition to his website, Body IP’s YouTube channel, he also runs a podcast channel called Physiques Unlimited Podcast which is available at all social media platforms. Up till now, he has managed to post a bunch of podcasts with various fitness experts like Peter Baers, Dennis Ross, Anna Migale, Murat Demir, Julie Sixx, and his most recent one with Danny Forster. These are some of his highly popular podcasts that give an insight into what goes behind being a fitness expert and how they got into this career path.

Apart from being a personal trainer, Chang also has a musical side. When he is not focused on picking up weights at the Gym he likes to play the piano. On his Instagram, he posts videos playing classical tunes on his piano. Moreover, he also happens to have a soft corner for animals. On a regular basis, he collects and donates to animal love organization to help make the world a better place for animals as well.

Continuously working for over 12 years, Chang Hun Chung is not slowing down anytime soon. He has yet to carry out many things and has dedicated his life to live a healthy life so he can motivate other people. He tirelessly works to meet his goals and that inspires other people to follow their passion as well.

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