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In the course of our lifetime, there are plenty of days where we have zero motivation or guidance to move forward. At times we find ourselves tangled deep into the misery that forms in our mind that is continuously producing hindrance in there. A major part of the world, however, is a firm believer of astrology and quite often is found asking help from the people who are an expert in this field. Astrology brings out the inner emotions, purpose, and aspects of one’s life enabling a person to heal in many different ways. 

Alyonna Parveen Angelica is one such healer, reader and an activator who has been guiding people spiritually, helping them feel better about their lives in general. She is on a mission to bring people to the realization of what the sole purpose of their life is. Her target is to spiritually awake people who are willing to break free from feeling like they are losing interest and are lacking the basic energy needed to stay mindful. 

For Alyonna, choosing this path was not a plan but a result of being born in a multi-racial family. Malaysia is a Muslim country that is also her birthplace and indeed Alyonna was found grasping bits from the religion that people there followed. Besides this, her mother was a Christian, her father, a Sikh, grandmother a Hindu, and a lot of friends, Buddhists.  Growing up in such a diverse surrounding, Alyonna was found connecting the mutual dots of each religion into her mind. It was not long when she had her first heartbreak at the age of 16 that she realized the need to be heard. As a young girl, she found herself busy finding answers and then eventually got caught in how the Universe affected her well-being. In the search for the answers to the questions, she traveled all over the world learning new cultures, and soon after her third awakening, she was able to step out of the deep dark hole she was initially residing in. 

Today, Alyonna serves as someone who has helped people come out of their darkness by guiding them through tarot card readings and the study of stars. Alyonna practically endorsed her field when she was in Australia taking dance classes. She formed groups and began conveying her message where she would initiate the process of healing. After that, she started practicing her job openly which included guiding people on platforms of social media. 

To cover more people and become the reason someone feels better, Alyonna has a website by the name This website serves as a channel connecting Alyonna with people who want to take up the services she offers. It has a special list of things anyone would want to seek, from understanding your soul’s journey and purpose to transforming from within. Alyonna has designed packages according to a person’s requirements. In all, she is providing three services to which she does not take accountability for in case anything goes wrong. However, she mentions that the services are to be taken as a form of guidance and entertainment. She offers Online Oracle and Channeled Reading, Online support, and counseling, and the most interesting one out of the three known as the Online Soul Coaching. 

Today, Alyonna is a well-identified healer. Her audience has hit big numbers now including clients from Hollywood, royalty, to well-established people such as the businessmen. The one thing that keeps Alyonna working on her career is the clients who praise her wholeheartedly. She receives an immense amount of appreciation and love from across the globe and has seen herself getting motivated more and more each day. She feels as if she has unlocked a part of herself that she had difficulty coping up with using it as a source to heal others. 

To know more about Alyonna Angelica One can follow her on the Instagram page (

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