Abin Sam (@abinsamofficial)


Abin Sam is a man of many talents. He is a music producer, architect, and artist in the visual arts including photography and video production. Abin is the proud founder and owner of his own company, Archangel Studios, based in India. He offers a range of services to his clients and has created quite the space for his business online. He is a growing social media influencer.

Abin is an artist in many different fields, however, his first passion was music. His mother adored music and art and began instilling this love in him from an early age. The mother and son duo appreciated the powerful feeling music gave them – how it could change one’s entire mood and brighten up someone’s day. He began taking piano lessons at 9-years-old.

Sometimes, Abin would be found slacking on his music classes, but his mother would keep reminding him to work hard and push himself. Whenever Abin felt like he did not wish to continue with music, it was his mother who encouraged him and reminded him why he fell in love with it in the first place. This revived his passion for music and motivated him to learn music on his own and thus, he gave his Music Grade Exam which he passed with flying colors. Abin credits his success in music to his mothers.

He composed his first-ever instrumental for Hard Rock Rising – the world’s largest Battle of the Bands competition – and got nominated for the Instrumental Feature. This was truly a proud moment for Abin and his mother. He went on to release a Christmas album in 2014 which also did quite well. As he grew older, the feeling to start his own musical venture grew more. And so, he started his very own music studio design.

It took him a lot of perseverance to pull it off, but Abin managed to start with two studios. He went on to release 6 more singles – some being listed in ReverbNation Panel and Muslate Artist Label. Moreover, Abin worked in Orchestral Choirs in London and then went back to India to teach music and design summer camps for kids. He also shared his life journey with his fans through his instrumental album, Survivor, and released 15 singles during the pandemic. He is certainly a hardworking individual.

The focus of his studio started in music, however, he wished to combine his many other talents into this. Abin is extremely talented in the visual arts and architecture. He knew he had a lot to offer the world, and so, he started offering his services to his clients. He is currently offering architectural design, arts typography, 3D design, visual renderings, graphic design, and so much more. He is enjoying every moment working on all his different talents.

Currently, the multitalented individual has over 23.8k followers on Instagram alone. He is also extremely active on other platforms such as YouTube where he is verified. He has also uploaded his music to his verified Spotify and Apple Music accounts. Abin makes sure to upload a wide variety of content on all his platforms to remain engaging for his fans. His followers appreciate how regular he is in his uploads.


His Instagram page is naturally full of beautiful photographs. These photographs include heart-warming pictures of him and his loved ones while living their day-to-day life, traveling pictures, beach pictures, and so much more. Abin appreciates the world that God has created as he preaches this too. He enjoys taking scenic photos of nature and buildings. Sunsets are another of his favorites. Moreover, he also shares some of his latest work on his Instagram. He hopes to attract as many potential clients as possible. Abin is an extremely hardworking individual. He is working day and night to give the best possible content to his followers and his clients. Fans keep visiting his page to see updates on his latest work. Abin is surely living his dreams and is incredibly grateful for all the support he has received.

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