Roxana Veronica Salagean (@veroniquesalagean)


Everyone has their style of expressionism. Some find it easier to communicate through verbal cues, some through writing. Others choose to exercise their creative expressionism to profess their feelings and express emotions in a more cohesive and impactful way. These communication channels open up worlds of expressionism through art and culture, a direction many professionals choose to implement their creations in. Culture has always had an important historical significance and artistic industries like the fashion industry are just a perfect celebration of the beauty each culture possesses individually. 

Roxana Veronica Salagean, better known as Veronique Salagean, is a United Kingdom-based fashion designer who has established a niche for herself in quite an unconventional subset of fashion design; the headdress design. More specifically, designing the most ethereal, show-stopping turbans reflective of the classic Egyptian culture. Having always felt a deep spiritual connection to the culture from within, Veronique chose to embrace her talents and fulfill the destiny she was always supposed to embark on. Veronique is currently running her well-established turban brand by the name of ‘VS Turbans.’

Veronique has always expressed an avid interest in the art of fabric and its associated workings. Even when she was just six years old Veronique had already taught herself how to sew by making clothes for her Barbie dolls. Her interest in creative projects continued throughout her school and college phase, where it didn’t matter whether she was working on a presentation or a class assignment, Veronique would always do her best to add much of her creativity into it as possible. Therefore, it was set in stone that Veronique’s professional career would be in a similar vein to her exceptional creative abilities. When starting her career, Veronique spent some time finding something that truly interested her, and finding the turban to be the most perfect form of her creative expression was nothing short of a miracle. Since then, Veronique has worked to make it easier for people to feel more comfortable when adorning turbans of various material and weight and has worked with various breath-taking designs and embellishments.

The experience thus far has been nothing short of magical for Veronique. One of the most notable experiences for her career was when she a participant during the Arabian Camp held in Dubai. There was a long line of visitors waiting to meet the various personalities and when Veronique went out to meet the audience in line wearing her majestic, tall, golden turban, she was met with incredible reception. People stopped her at every turn to take pictures and interact with her because the turban had an aura that was not just a member of the glamorous fashion club, it had its otherworldly beauty and historical significance. Veronique has since come to be known as not just the world’s first turban designer, but has also been dubbed as the ‘Turban Mother.’

VS Turbans has managed to gain quite a reputation due to the unrelenting hard work and perseverance displayed by Veronique. When the brand first started gaining acclaim, quite a many impostor social media accounts started popping up, claiming to represent the brand or just impersonate Veronique herself. To combat this Veronique made sure to establish much more secure social media profiles for herself and is now seeking verification to protect her beautiful works of art. An artist spends their entire life perfecting and putting love into what they make, therefore, it is of the utmost importance that people respect a creator and their works.

Veronique’s amazing turbans are on display at both her official website and her Instagram profile. There are multiple options to choose from and you can even personalize your desired turban as per your head size. Careful consideration is taken into the quality and build of each specific item and the experience is truly magical. To find out more information about Veronique or VS Turbans, be sure to follow her on her Instagram: @veroniquesalagean.

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