Naseeba Hayaat (@naseeba_hayaat)


As social media has developed, there has been a spike in a self -made a culture of beauty influencers. These beauty-gurus take it upon themselves to utilize their broad information on things, for example, such as beauty products, makeup items, skincare, and anything identified with style and give their reviews on it. Naseeba Hayaat is a beauty guru and styling enthusiast with a successful YouTube channel where she connects with the people who follow her and gives them her expert views and tips that she has gathered due to her years of experience.

Her main passions include makeup looks and modest fashion. She regularly makes tutorials about different kinds of makeup techniques and looks for her followers and explains each step in her procedure in a manner eloquent enough for even beginners to follow with ease. Her videos are well spelled-out, yet concise. And she works her magic on either her own face or someone else’s. This ensures the different points of view on makeup application.

Her fashion sense is both modest and simple to replicate. Especially for girls who prefer to dress in a humble and candid manner that looks elegant but is not flashy at the same time. Naseeba, a prolific video creator, makes and uploads “look books” of all of her approaches to this aesthetic. Her videos have gathered thousands of views and serve as a beacon of light for many who want to dress fashionably yet in a laid back and sober manner.

Being confident in one’s appearance has become a difficult feat for most people. This is because mainstream media has always perpetuated a narrow, limited narrative of beauty which is practically impossible for the majority to achieve. This leads to low self-esteem and a diminished sense of trust in the way that one looks. In an environment like this, it is definitely an achievement to love oneself and embrace one’s flaws. 

Naseeba’s philosophy behind starting her adventure and career as a beauty influencer is to preach the idea that beauty is subjective and it lies in the eyes of the beholder. She, like most of us, has gone through a phase of self-depreciation and worked hard to get out of that dark place. Now, she propagates a message of self-love and acceptance. She aims to help everyone who watches her videos and follows her social media to be positive and self-assured and to openly flaunt who they are. Because the most important thing is to be happy with oneself, people’s opinions will never define anyone.

She serenely presents herself to the world on her public Instagram profile, in both a hijab that covers her head as well as her mane of beautiful curly hair. She also enjoys dressing up for Halloween and one of her favorite looks is the character Harley Quinn, a famous character from the DC universe. She also incorporates many elements of her culture that she takes pride in, hence showcasing how diverse and breathtaking it is.

She excels at engaging with her audience and keeps in mind the latest trends and queries by the public to answer them as effectively as she can to build a healthy and efficient communication environment. This makes her increasingly approachable to everyone and is beneficial to everyone including her and her audience.

Naseeba believes in always staying true to herself. Despite being a popular influencer, she is humble and kind and believes in taking criticism as the fuel that drives her forward. She is passionate about what she does and is always looking for ways to improve herself and her craft. She spreads positivity and optimism. And instead of making beauty competition, she is always looking for ways to make people feel accepted and beautiful in their own skin.

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