JOVIAL (@jovialwatch)


Perhaps the two most important things that are part of every dignified person’s appearance are an amazingly scented cologne, and an equally dapper, glistening watch. Watches have been a sign of grace and elegance for centuries now, an indication of not just good grooming but also having an overall implication on the expression of personality. For this reason, it is believed that one should have a watch that is suited to every possible occasion, and where else should one look when searching for the most finely crafted, beautifully exquisite watches other than the evergreen JOVIAL Watches.

Having been established in 1929, JOVIAL has the status of an international corporation in the world today. Originating in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland, the JOVIAL brand has come to be associated with a fine line of luxury goods, including but not limited to: watches, French perfumes, and Italian leather accessories. The company has its headquarters in Switzerland and regional offices in Dubai, UAE. The company believes in creating its works of art from scratch, performing all manufacturing processes in its factories. The process involves the design, development, manufacturing, worldwide marketing, and sales processes that are seamlessly conducted to carry out smooth customer-brand interactions.

Ever since JOVIAL first launched its social media accounts back in 2013, the brand has amassed a reputable number of followers from all around the world, from connoisseurs of fashion to regular nine-to-five office workers. Everyone found something worth their interest, preference, and budget in the luxurious collection of JOVIAL’s high-quality goods. They say the proof is in the pudding, and the proof of JOVIAL’s uncompromising quality is in the form of the countless rave reviews posted by people regarding all the brand items JOVIAL has to offer. Now with an amazing following of 20,000 Facebook and Instagram followers, JOVIAL is on the road to take over the social media marketing sphere.


JOVIAL has a loyal market in many countries around the world like the Middle East, Asia, Russia, North Africa, and part of Europe. These regions are the primary proponents of the wave of JOVIAL’s popularity around the world, and customers from these regions are always anxiously waiting for the launch of the latest products from the company. By allocating twenty marketing agents for each specific region throughout the world, JOVIAL plans to make its marketing strategies more effective. For this purpose, they have branched out to multiple promotional platforms and are seeking verification for their official pages.

Since its inception, JOVIAL has been steadily creating and accomplishing goals for itself. One of the highlights of the brand’s existence was its first experience at Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show, a worldwide trade and exhibition show of the finest jewelry and watches from around the globe, attended by the most prestigious brands and conducted every year in Basel, Switzerland. To stand next to some of the world’s biggest names in an equally amazing event and a platform was like the epitome of accomplishment for JOVIAL, a dream come true in the best way possible.

JOVIAL has its stores showcasing its wonderful products worldwide, and if you’re in a region that’s out of reach, JOVIAL’s online platforms are equally as detailed and efficient as the physical stores. Users can easily compare and contrast different styles and band patterns according to their preference, get a precise estimate of actual products through high-quality, visual shots in the form of a photo gallery that gives the impression that the item is right within your reach. Besides this, JOVIAL also provides round the clock customer service and help to anyone who might want to inquire further. JOVIAL is truly the name of quality. If you are interested in finding out more about the brand, admiring its amazing collection of products, or perhaps ordering a watch for yourself, be sure to check out JOVIAL’s Instagram profile: @jovialwatch.

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