Benjamin Maio Mackay (@benjaminmaiomackay)


Benjamin Maio Mackay is truly a jack of all trades. He is a critically acclaimed actor, director, producer, singer, writer, and podcaster all in one! No matter what may be on his plate, Benjamin has been able to breathe life and elevate everything he does to the next level. This is through his unwavering passion and steady drive to achieve and succeed. Mackay has also been awarded many awards and accolades, alongside global praise and recognition for his undoubtedly work of quality.

As a child, Mackay fell in love with the creative and performing arts. He recounts this by detailing when his father took him to see Phantom of the Opera starring Anthony Warlow. This performance stunned him and since then Mackay catapulted himself down his current career path. Thus, since age six, Benjamin attended vocal and acting lessons from prestigious institutions such as NIDA, AMEB, Ann Peter’s School of Acting, Urban Myth Theatre, and many more. He proudly completed his AMEB Speech and Degree course with honors and recently received his diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College, UK. 

Alongside his many years of acting, Mackay has also hosted programs for ABC Radio and toured Australia for his stage shows. His most recent show “Matthew Reilly’s Ice Station Live” was performed at the Adelaide Fringe – the world’s second-largest annual arts festival. Mackay was the director, producer, and actor in the show and was specially chosen by Australia’s number 1 best-selling author Matthew Reilly to create the show – which ended up extremely well received and loved by audiences and critics. As a result of the show’s massive success Mackay, along with his fellow cast, members were invited as guests at Supanova Pop culture Expo –Australia’s largest Pop-Culture Expo. He also appeared on numerous radio programs including ABC RN’s Books & Arts Daily and was featured in many online news publications. 

Moreover, Benjamin proudly runs the production company Preachrs Podcast OnLine and OnStage, through which he releases his podcast “Benjamin Maio Mackay’s Talk 2 Me!” every other week and features interviews with world-renowned entertainment celebrities – generating an average listening audience of five million people around the world! Alongside this, Mackay has also hosted, directed, written, and produced the podcast “Doctor Who: Preachers Podcast Live!” and its sequel. Both shows were taken on tour across Australia and widely welcomed and loved by audiences. Due to the success of these shows, two special one-off shows for live Australian events were also released. 

To add on, another one of Benjamin’s tours includes the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live 9-City National Tour in which he again engaged in major decision making and production roles. It played in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and many other major Australian cities. Besides this, Benjamin recently directed, produced, and starred in an audio drama adaptation of the Phoenix Files Series – which has major and beloved names attached to it within the Sci-Fi community including former Doctor Who, Paul McGann. The drama series is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. 

Having played crucial decision-making roles in such beloved and critically acclaimed tours, show, and podcasts, Benjamin has thus collected many awards and nominations. These include multiple Parsec Award Nominations for Excellence in Podcasting, nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Play for Great Detectives in the 2016 Sydney Theatre Awards (Broadway World). In 2013, the play All My Sons also received the “DramatiCAL Award” from the Theatre of South Australia Awards for Best Drama – in which Benjamin played the role of Bert, and in 2012, he received another award from the Adelaide Theatre Guide “Curtain Call” Awards for “Best Ensemble” awarded to “13 The Musical” in which Benjamin played the role of Simon.

Benjamin Maio Mackay is a truly diverse and talented man, who seems to achieve success in every path he pursues. This includes social media like his Instagram, with over 25.9k followers, where he loves to engage and interact with his fans and followers. He does this through behind-the-scenes posts, numerous interactive Instagram highlights, and more personal and candid images, all of which provide a deeper understanding of Benjamin to his fans. To continue to follow along with Benjamin’s success, it is advised to follow his social media – with the links below provided:

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