Antony Adel (@antonyadel)


With the age of technology and social media, content production has become a very important part of our daily lives. Content forms the foundation for every type of digital marketing. Many marketing campaigns require quality content production. This is why content production is a system rather than being a goal. It is a system that is responsible for the creation of information for a defined set of audience. The process is carefully thought out as it involves working out who your audience is, and what kind of content do they want. Content production involves a lot of strategizing as it is supposed to be a thought out and robust process. Most content producers work on content for various purposes including building awareness, entertaining and making sales. The type of content they produce need to match their goals. For this purpose, many content producers work on pictures, blog posts, videos, and much more. The content production industry is very huge is the market right now and it is filled with many talented content producers, Antony Adel is one of them. Antony has travelled around the world and has produced award-winning content while working in the hospitality and media sectors, in both Europe and the USA. He’s highly skilled in Special Event Management, Broadcast & Content Production and Multi-Location Operations. His clients range from Global Citizen to LVMH, and many others. Antony has made quite a name for himself and is now very renowned in the industry. 

Ever since he was a child, Antony had always been creative. He had an innovative mind as he kept on coming with new ideas every day. People had always admired him for his innovation and creativity. Antony decided to pursue his passion for creativity as he entered the world of content production. Upon entering the field, his fundamental goal was to create, capture, and connect. He decided to focus on global events and media, and he brought a fresh and innovative approach to the field. In 2017, he launched his own company called “Realmless”. The company works underneath their client brands to deliver three key methodologies; to create by conceptualizing and producing world-class experience, to capture by developing and visualizing unique content and media, to connect by collaborating with the global talent to engage with the audience. With the company, Antony has been really able to show his expertise. His expertise includes out of the box thinking to strong business development while applying a coordinated and organized strategic team-driven approach that leverages technology to streamline processes and results. Antony has really built up something from the ground up, which has now become very successful. 

Antony has always delivered great strategic and financial successful solutions across global territories by integrating culture and talent. He always delivers the most creative logistics planning. He is simply an expert in his field which is why he is an absolute asset for the industry. He always delivers beyond imagination where his incredible talent turns dreams into reality. Many people have professionally benefited from his creative problem-solving, relentless work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes to create a product or concept that turns vision into reality. Antony has been also directly responsible for client retention & building key relationships within the industry. Effortlessly pairing unique and familiar brands together, Antony is able to ensure brands offer a more genuine and exciting experience for customers, ensuring engagement and brand loyalty while maximizing the best possible exposure. A specialist with his time due to being extended across many responsibilities, he balances competing needs with ease, humor, and professionalism. Antony has always proved to be forward-thinking, tech-savvy & innovative. For more information on his work,  people can follow him on Instagram at @antonyadel. 

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