Alexander Stogdill (@alex.stogdill2)


All of us grow up with a passion or two stowed away in our brains, our abilities bursting to be let out. We try to dictate our lives in a way that allows us to pursue our dreams. Some of us succeed, some of us don’t. while it’s true that hard work is the key to success, there are so many other factors that are in play here; financial situation, education, family, and even the place you’re in. A lot of us are unable to reach our goals because things are tying us back. Especially those in performing arts; singing, acting, dancing, etc. find it hard to pursue their dreams because of this reason. Thus, a lot of dreams are shattered. However, in the past decade platforms have sprung up that have removed the external factors by a huge extend; it doesn’t matter if you can travel to the hub of performing arts and audition, now there are platforms online where you can get your fame purely based on your talent and get discovered there. In the last two decades, that platform was YouTube, but recently Instagram took over, and now the leading platform where people express their creativity is TikTok. Those smart enough to take advantage of this platform can pave the way for their dreams- one such example is Alexander Stogdill.

Alex is by all definitions a normal teenager. He has his hobbies which is an amalgamation of playing all sports- including basketball, football, and soccer. However, the unique thing about Alex that kickstarted his fame was his spark to create content. From a very young age, Alex was immersed in creating content for others to absorb. This could be writing, plays, performance- anything that entertains. Perhaps it would be accurate to say that Alex has had the spirit of an artist from a very young age- most artists spend their entire lives producing paintings/ drawings/ books, whatever they excel at, purely for the benefit of others. An artist’s satisfaction lies in the satisfaction of their viewers, and this is perhaps true for Alex as well!

Alex’s passion to create entertainment for others to make people happy drew him towards social platforms. In November he first discovered TikTok. TikTok was a saving grace for all those who wanted to put up their content for others to enjoy and Alex was no different! Eager to create as he had always done, Alex got caught up in the joy he got from the platform and in jest created a video starring him and his friends. Even a video he created randomly spoke of his creative prowess and enchanted all the TikTok users, and soon enough his video had spread far and wide and had garnered over Seventy Five Million views!

His success was his motivational factor. He already had the craving to create for others happiness, but seeing his work get that much appreciation spurred him on and soon enough he started making videos with more gusto and posting them on the platform. His videos aimed to introduce his followers to him by knowing a bit about him. It was tough getting followers first as all social media platforms are, but soon enough, his talent became well known and he had a following of over seven hundred and fifty thousand!

With fame has come a few troubles for him. Alex loves interacting with his fans and introducing them to the real him but he has also attracted some scammers who have started to impersonate him just to get a few followers for free. This is something that would distress all creators and Alex is no different! Alex’s goal is to get his accounts verified to ensure no one can take advantage of his creations. His Instagram is @alex.stogdill2 and his TikTok username is @alex.stogdill2. There’s no doubt that this is just a stepping stone for Alex and in a  few years, he’ll be much more famous!

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