Thomas Mcdonald (@gomcdonald)


Emil Zatopek has very beautifully stated, “An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” And he is very much true in his saying because the athlete does not run for earning money but he runs to leave his competitors far behind and win the competition. An athlete does not know anything more or less than winning the competition. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very talented and energetic athlete whose name is Thomas Joseph McDonald.

Thomas McDonald is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person. He by profession is a full-time athlete but besides being an athlete he is an actor who has been known for Tommy’s Honour (2016), The Replacement (2017), and River City (2002). As an athlete, he has been competing in the world’s championships for years. He has been fond of running since his childhood and has run for 14 years and that’s what made him put a step into the field of athleticism. Being an athlete is not as easy as it seems to be because athleticism is a demanded characteristic for athletes where they should be physically strong, fit, and active. Athletes should display these characteristics of athleticism through developed fitness and skills.  That’s why Thomas McDonald has been fitness conscious. Moreover, He believes in his abilities and skills and keeps practicing and working hard to achieve his desired goals. He is well aware of the fact that practice is essential to excelling at something, especially in sports, and is essential when improving one’s athleticism such as fitness and skills. The more practice, the better. Practice and hard work lead one to success; this will help the development of an athlete’s athleticism as they work forwards their goal. That’s the reason Thomas McDonald keeps working day in and day out to be at the acme of his profession. Additionally, he has been committed and dedicated to his profession and loves what he does. Owing to his hard work and strong determination, he has received a lot of recognition in the field of athleticism.

In addition to this, Thomas Joseph McDonald is a fitness trainer and in order to train many people around him, he takes them to the mountain each weak. Besides helping them, he also loves supporting and motivating them at each step towards athleticism and fitness. Furthermore, Thomas McDonald is a gregarious and extrovert who not only loves to meet new people but also likes to interact with them. Meeting people of his filed and top athletes is a source of inspiration and encouragement for him that’s why he loves meeting them and has met top athletes like Mo Farah too. He has an exemplary, influencing, and attractive personality with an impressive lifestyle. His lifestyle has had a positive impact on his fans and followers. That’s why many people around him love following his footstep to remain physically & mentally fit and active. He as a social person has strong social networking and communicative skills.  The circle of his fans and followers is swelling with each passing day.

Moreover, Thomas McDonald unlike other athletes is fond of traveling because he loves exploring the beauty of nature and the world and that’s why he has been to many places in the world. Apart from this, he is always busy in pursuing his passion and chasing his dream of being a well-known athlete. Despite this, he has been able to develop a balance between his personal, professional, and social life. That’s why he is found active on a social media platform like Instagram. He on his Instagram account has been able to amass hundreds of followers.  Through his Instagram account, he keeps updating his fans and followers about his lifestyle. More can be learned about this versatile personality if he is followed on his Instagram account, the link to which is given below.



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