Taylor Brooke (@taylor____brooke)


Taylor Brooke is a radio jockey and pop musician based in Philadelphia. She has been part of the media industry for a while and her voice can be heard on the radio channels 102.9 WMGK and 93.3 WMMR. She has also worked on the John DeBella Morning Show which gave her exposure and made her famous. She has launched her music career and produces music that is a mix of pop and country genres. Her latest song titled “Parking Lot” was released last month and it showcases her unique talent. Her work has been doing well and she is making a name for herself in the media industry. 

Her journey into the world of music and media started very early on. Her parents named her after the famous American singer-songwriter James Taylor and she had always been a musical child. At the age of 12, she received her first guitar and started singing and writing songs. She would perform for her parents every night and they encouraged her and appreciated her talent. At the age of 13, she started writing songs about heartbreak. Eventually, she started performing at gigs in local restaurants and bars every weekend and this allowed her to polish her musical talents. Her talent and dedication have brought her this far.

Every song they release is special to an artist since it is a labor of love and hard work. This is especially true when the song is deeply personal and moving. And this is why Taylor’s recent single “Parking Lot” is extremely important special to her. The song is based on a past relationship that played a big part in Taylor’s life and shaped the person she is today. She references an apartment and parking lot where she lived in, in the song and the song is an ode to the memories she made in those spaces. She looks back at her past relationship fondly and the song represents all of her good memories. Interestingly, while recording and producing “Parking Lot”, she met and fell in love with her current boyfriend and this just shows how powerful music can be.

Artists these days must maintain a prominent online presence to remain relevant and build a following. Taylor realizes this and she has worked hard to build a wholesome and interesting online presence. She can be found on Instagram as @taylor___brooke and has over 10 thousand followers. Her bio links to the FM 93.3 WMMR and John BeDella Show which shows that she is committed to her media career and is excited to share her work with her followers. Her bio also links to her last single “Parking Lot” so fans can stream it and enjoy it. She also frequently posts fun personal pictures of herself and pairs them with uplifting captions. Recently she shared the writing process behind her song “Parking Lot” and the original lyrics she had written for the song. Her posts give fans, a behind the scenes look into her work and they can connect with her music better.

Taylor can also be found on Twitter as @taaaylorbroooke. She uses Twitter as a platform to post funny jokes and anecdotes. Her tweets uplift her followers and put a smile on their faces. She also shares stories from her radio work. Her profile gives followers a look into her fun-loving and carefree personality.

Taylor strongly believes that only time can heal a broken heart and this is a message she has tried to convey in her song “Parking Lot” when she sings “time is a cruel consequence of losing love fast”. Her amazing lyrical ability and talent indicate that she will go very far in the world of music. She has also been doing well for herself in the music industry and has a loyal following of listeners who enjoy her work. Her dedication and talent will surely take her far and she will leave a mark in the media world. 

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