Phil Sanchez (@philsancho)


Being a parent is tough. It’s even more difficult when you’re raising a child all on your own. Single parents are everywhere around the globe, yet they never really receive the proper due appreciation for taking on the responsibilities that are divided between two people usually. This becomes an even more arduous task when a single parent is also juggling a professional career with parenting. However, some people are born with the natural ability to excel at both, astounding everyone with how effortlessly they appear to organize their lives.

One such amazing person is the expert serial entrepreneur Phil Sanchez, CEO of Avantis Health Care; a leading ancillary health development company situated in the state of Texas, and President of the Board of Directors of its subsidiary, MDreach, a new wave in medical technology advancement that changes the way individuals will seek professional medical help online. With experience in a variety of healthcare systems, the company ensures multiple collaborations, with providers to understand and provide the desired output. The company believes in the construction of solutions that are cost-effective, practical, and time tested for their reliability. These endeavors are all in correspondence with making health insurance accessible to every citizen and create invigorating and healthier lifestyles.


Phil is doing a great service by venturing into the healthcare system as a professional career, especially in trying times like these, when everyone is most concerned for the welfare of their families and those close to them. Phil values family above everything else, more specifically his beautiful son Alex, with whom he is frequently seen spending quality time with. As a father, he strives to always be there for his child in every shape and form and make sure the world and all its curiosities are open for his son to explore. The two have a father-son science show called ‘Phil Nye & My Lil Science Guy,’ where they perform fun little experiments while bonding together. It’s the most adorable little show you’ll ever see.

Phil also has quite the drive for adventure. He actively seeks activities that involve being out in the open and becoming one with nature, something everyone should strive to include in their lifestyles. Medicine is always secondary, the most important component to longevity in health is being active and exercising regularly. It’s the body’s way of replenishing itself after all the hard work one put in throughout the day, and simple activities like these are great little refreshers, as well as the means to try something new. One of Phil’s most notable moments in life was landing at Omnia Dayclub in Bali after his helicopter trip, and becoming one with the people and culture, he recalls how hospitably he was treated and accommodated like a king would have been.

Phil Sanchez has shown the world what it means to have an eventful life with your loved ones right by your side. He frequently documents all his ventures, travel experiences, event proceedings, and even simple little father-son getaways on his Instagram profile which acts as a great source of reference for anyone wanting to look for new travel destinations or just admire the beautiful scenery. Currently, on the lookout for a badge of verification to further legitimize his business ventures, Phil is out to explore various social media platforms to adhere to the new digital age. He has also made it much easier for people to reach out to him by listing all means of contacting him in his bio, which is the most help anyone can ask for. If you’re interested in admiring breath-taking travel photos, helping further expand his cause for medical help online, or just finding out more information about this amazingly talented man, be sure to visit Phil Sanchez’s Instagram account: @philsancho.

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