Paisley Porter (@everyonehatespaisley)

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Sex has been as necessary for every creature in the universe as food and water are for survival. People not only enjoy having sex but also like watching others do it. That’s why in the postmodern era, the adult industry is getting popularity, and each individual inclined to enjoy having sex wants to step into the industry because after entering the industry they not only enjoy what they aspire for but can also earn a handsome amount of income. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very hot and sexy actress whose name is Bailey Mattingly.

Bailey Mattingly is widely and popularly known with her stage name that is Paisley Porter. She is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional lady. She is basically from Los Angeles and is 24 years old. She besides being an adult actress and performer is a model. Before stepping into the adult entertainment industry she was a playboy model. During her profession of being a model, she had a chance to meet numerous Porn stars at various events. After coming into contact with them she was inspired to start working as an adult performer. Since then she switched her career from modeling to becoming an adult performer. She has been residing in California and undoubtedly she is the pure embodiment of the California dream girl. From her head-turning model looks to her perfectly sculptured curves, she is the ideal Cali girl. She now is a certified slut. As an adult performer, she works for Nexxxt Level Adult Talent Agency. Nexxxt Level is a uniquely skilled adult talent agency. It was founded by Hall of Fame award-winning directors Jonathan Morgan and Andre Madness. They both have decades of experience in adult entertainment. This agency represents the highest quality of models and offers expert service. The main purpose of the agency is to create Nexxxt Level success for today’s Porn Stars. Similarly, Paisley Porter who according to the agency is ready to take her career to the next level and make her mark in the exciting world of Adult Entertainment.

In addition to this, Paisley Porter had been a top-ranked professional gymnast for over ten years before being a model and an adult performer. As a model, she was featured in countless magazines including Playboy, Hustler, and Maxim. According to her, she loves working in the Porn and has been blessed enough to have good experiences in the industry. Paisley Porter had the natural inclination towards working in the adult entertainment industry as she has an eye-catching, hot, sexy, and seducing figure. She at a very young age has been very popular in the industry because she as an experienced adult performer knows the art of having good sex very well. The Porn Stars working with her are very much satisfied with the way she performs her sexual acts and people across the world who are fond of watching porn videos like Paisley’s videos a lot. That’s why she has been on the top of the list of the Nexxxt Talent Agency. Her porn videos can easily be found on all famous porn sites.

Furthermore, she is bold and does not care about what people will think of her. That’s what makes her be fearless in the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire. Apart from this, she loves traveling around the world, preserving history, riding her board to the beach, surfing the waves, shooting guns, dying of laughter with her friends, and riding horses into the sunset. Despite being busy in chasing her successful career in the porn industry, she has managed her personal, professional, and social life successfully. She is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has a huge fan following and this can be known from the fact that she has amassed 92.3k followers on her Instagram account and 53.4k followers on her Twitter account. More can be learned about this hot and sexy adult performer if she is followed on her social media accounts, the links to which are given below.



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