Logan Deyong (@logandeyonggolf)


Enjoying a sport or many sports as a child can be fulfilling and a means to pass time and stay fit. One gets to explore their athletic capacities and find out if any of the sports they actively participate in could potentially be something they pursue in the future on a professional level. Hard work, dedication, passion, perseverance, and a strong will are all pre-requisites to becoming an athlete. It entails having a strict lifestyle, where one is spending a large chunk of their time training, oftentimes away from home and family, having to watch what they eat and maintain a strict and healthy diet so as to not strain their careers in any way. 

Logan Deyong is one such individual. Having had a knack for sports from a very young age, he was blinded by his love for athletics from a very young age. Rugby, football, softball, cricket, tennis, and badminton are most of the sports he enjoyed playing when he was younger. He represented his school teams in all the aforementioned sports, but the sport that ended up gripping him was golf. The thrill he felt while on the course with a golf club in is hands was unmatched, and he knew he wanted to make something out of that feeling. He proceeded to improve at the sport and learn every single day, working tirelessly to make his passion a profession. 

Although he is still young, he has already achieved more than the average person while only being a teenager. Golf is one of the sports he has played at County Level alongside badminton, but he has gone on to achieve new heights in his athletics career. Being Junior Captain in 2018 and 2019, he was also player of the year in 2019, which is already an incredible honor and feat in itself. He qualified for the Junior European Open in 2018, was titled the League Player of the Year 2014/2015 in his hometown Hertfordshire, and won the Mill Green Junior Open. At local tournaments and national tournaments alike, he has bagged innumerable awards and if it wasn’t obvious already, the list of things he has accomplished at such a young age is truly endless! 

As we have already established that his career has been nothing short of fruitful, he has also managed to claim deals for modeling and sponsorships with big-name brands in the world of athletics. He has worked with companies like JD Sports, Next, Nike, and has modeled for brands that are leading the wave of athleticwear, namely Adidas and Under Armour. We are not sure what is more impressive between the major deals he has been bagging or the uncountable awards he has gotten for his talent in his sport. 

On the daily, he uses his Instagram account (@logandeyonggolf) to update and interact with his 11,000+ followers! His account is where he posts about his training. He is currently partnered with Wowhydrate, P2grips, and Stripeshowlifestyle for everything he needs to improve his game and his training. 

What is even more impressive about having such a strict and focused lifestyle is the fact that not a lot of younger people have the willpower and the discipline to follow through with it. Being a pro-athlete in one’s teenage years can be incredibly taxing and unfulfilling, as you miss out on a lot of things such as having some down-time with friends, being able to eat what you want, having free time and a schedule that is not pre-planned and fixed. Not only that but being able to balance athletics with academics is also an incredibly challenging feat. 

Logan is an inspiring example of young athletes who have been able to balance everything in their lives, as he is currently swinging for a scholarship that will enable him to go to the United States where he can interact with other athletes, improve his skills and fully enter the game on an international level and reach newer heights.

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