Juan Pablo Manterola Aylwin (@jpmanterola)

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JP Manterola is an award-winning film director and a member of the Forbes agency council who has worked all around the world including Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. Working in the film industry means that one’s work is not only limited to the film industry but many, many others as work is more often than not interlinked. On his travels and through his vast array of experience in the field of filmmaking, he has worked on projects for the biggest clients in almost all industries. Some of these clients include Nickelodeon, Disney, Universal Studios, Subway, Chris-Craft Mitsubishi, Porsche, WRC, Mobil, Mazda, Red Bull, Coopertires and many, many others. 

In addition to the vast experience that he has gathered working for these corporate clients, JP also has worked with dozens and dozens of political candidates across the United States, spanning from every level of government. Working in the political scene was a very different experience for the filmmaker as it is not every day that one gets to work with so many different types of political figures around the country.

JP Manterola, first is a native of Santiago, Chile. He also has spent more than ten years in Chile where he also attended his film school and started his career as a filmmaker. It was also in Chile that he started working in the TV and film industry, gaining his first bit of experience in the industry. JP started working initially as a mere camera assistant on extremely low budget features but that changed very quickly due to his hard work. It was very soon that he started getting promoted to bigger projects that he started getting directing work for jobs such as National TV, commercials, music videos, features, sitcoms, and episodic television shows. His career has only gone upwards from then on. Now, JP has taken on large-scale, high budget projects that include assisting major companies with strong brand identities and presence in the industry where he creates marketing ventures and creates original high-quality work through film production.

It was in 2012 that he successfully created and directed his very own successful live web TV show, Front Row Tampa Bay. The show depicted a unique vision and message that Tampa Bay is a major league home for many of the primary drivers in the new economy. The show ran for four hours live every day of the Republican National Convention and featured live on-air interviews with more than 120 leaders from around Florida. 

Only two years later, JP worked as the creative marketing head behind the Mazda Road to Indy TV, a digital platform that included a biweekly TV show, a mobile application, a video game, live streaming, and a website to cover the behind the scenes events of the racing series. Through this project, JP put the Road to Indy across major video streaming platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Xbox One, and more. 

Recently, JP Manterola has been invited to be a part of the esteemed Forbes Agency Council, while also working on other projects ranging from major companies and other creative marketing ventures. JP, recently, was also an important part of the world-renown Red Bull Air Race for which he also created a creative digital platform that gives the racing fans a very special, exclusive look into the lives of some of their favourite pilots they see on screens only. 

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Despite the current disruption in daily life that the global Coronavirus pandemic as brought on the world. JP has not stopped working due to his love and passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Braving the circumstances, JP can be seen working on his current filming spot, racing, with a mask on as he continues to put in the same amount of effort as he did before. One can follow JP and his projects on his Instagram handle @jpmanterola. 

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