Hyacinthe Hamon (@hyacinthehamon)


The need for technology in today’s world keeps on growing one day after another. Sector dealing with technology is in demand for years now and has become one of the largest sectors of value. This mainly involves companies indulged in development, distribution, and the research of technology derived goods and services. Besides contributing to the effectiveness of data sharing, the technology sector is of major interest to the investors in any business.  It has helped in devising the procedures one has to undergo to take a business forward to a prominent extent. 

Hyacinthe Hamon is one influential name when it comes to technology. Hamon is an entrepreneur and a software engineer who graduated from ESPI Private School of Computer Science in 2010.  He serves as an influencer and a leader in this field. Hamon’s career so far comprises of various ventures that he very competently took charge of and did justice to. He started his career as a database developer intern where he got to polish his grip on designing and coding. In July 2015 he worked as an IOS Developer for four months gaining experience in Objective C and application developing software. He kept working as a developer at multiple places until the end of the year 2016. However, Hamon’s entrepreneurship skills came into existence when he founded a company named “Coverhero”. Being both the founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Coverhero,  Hamon worked hard to bring success to the newly formed company which is dedicated to providing financial security to self-employed people. 

Being a traveler, on a trip to Bali, Hamon met with this person named David who he initially equated with the moment they chatted and coincidentally ended up being a business partner with him. Together they founded two companies out of which the first one is known by the name “Trustlux”. Trustlux deals with the making of luxurious fashion goods with ensuring integrity, privacy, and professionalism. Trustlux has been appreciated for their work and today they work for some of the most renowned fashion brands namely, Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent, etc. Shortly in the year 2020 both friends opened up a company called “Maison Mata” which is gradually making progress. Maison Mata is a sunglasses brand dealing with hand-crafted glasses manufactured in Italy and assembled in Bali. It is a newly formed brand but the marketing and the product quality is quite worth the price. 

One of the biggest reasons Hamon has come this far is the passion that drives him to keep exploring new techniques and finding ways to bring profit with quality work. He has by far worked alongside huge companies such as Dropbox, Audi, Samsung, Qantas, etc. Besides gaining exposure through collaboration with these companies, he also is a speaker at multiple technology conventions guiding the youth regarding his knowledge of the technology world. Hamon is found being a travel freak as all his whereabouts are known to the world through his official Instagram account by the name @hyacinthehamon. From spending vacations in multiple beautiful destinations, Hamon has worked in countries like United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, France, etc. 

It is the wide range of experiences and dedication that has surfaced up Hamon’s career to this date. Pursuing exactly what he was passionate about proved to be a major turning point in his life because it taught him to become a businessman who outstands others. An example of this can be seen by the success of Maison Mata in Bali, as for this sunglasses chain, he has received an immense amount of compliments after which he ended up selling those in all areas of the island. This is how Hamon today is an accomplished entrepreneur. His talent serves as a source of inspiration for those aspiring to pursue their careers in the field of entrepreneurship. 

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