Harjovan Singh Heer (@djheermusic)


Harjovan Singh Heer, who prefers to go by his stage name DJ Heer, is a Punjabi DJ based in Canada. His music is typically in the Bhangra, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop genre. He is highly successful as he is working with some of his idols, performing all over the world, collaborating with many other artists, and working with some of the best music labels in the industry.

Music has always been a passion of DJ Heer’s, ever since he was a young boy. Whenever he would listen to any song play, he would immediately start dancing along to the tune of the song, even when he was just in diapers as he states in an interview with Brown Girl Magazine. He would often be found quietly humming along to some of his favorite songs. He had hoped and dreamed that someday he could make his way into the industry.

He has always been quite fond of Bhangra music in his childhood. Most of his favorite songs and artists were Punjabi which often reminded him of his roots. Some of his idols were, and still are, Jazzy B, Malkit Singh, Gurdas Maan, and many others. They have inspired his style of music today and are a huge part of the reason that he wished to enter the music world. DJ Heer would create beats in his head to different lyrics and come up with some of the most amazing work.

DJ Heer’s family has supported his wish to be an artist. He credits his parents for introducing him to Punjabi music and developing a passion for it. His parents would often take him to Punjabi concerts and encourage him to learn more about his roots. Through their encouragement, he began releasing some of his Punjabi tunes. DJ Heer’s music was becoming popular very fast among the Punjabi community. People were excited to hear fresh and unique music coming from one of their own. His career took off and he has never looked back since.

DJ Heer enjoys working live performances – the trill and rush is something that cannot be matched. He has performed all over the world and with many artists. He is currently performing on The Simply Bhangra Show on Rukus Avenue Radio Station which has been an incredible experience for him. He also works for Dash Radio Station. Additionally, he performs at the annual Canucks Diwali Party which is always buzzing because of him. Fans appreciate how energetic his performances are – people always end up dancing the night away.

Currently, the successful DJ has over 12.6k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and so on. He makes sure to upload content very regularly to all his platforms as he understands the importance of engaging with his fanbase. He does his best to upload a large variety of content.

He has been continuing to do what he loves – performing – by making good use of Instagram’s features. He has been going on Instagram Live to conduct live performances based on home. He makes sure to have an appropriate background with flashy lights features. He uploads these as IGTV videos so that if someone missed his set, they could still watch. Moreover, he makes sure to use his platform to spread positive energy, and so, he conducted a fundraising event for people stuck in Yemen. Truly a kindhearted individual.

DJ Heer is not just a DJ. He is a talented writer and interviewer. He takes time out to get in touch with other artists, some of whom are his idols, and interview them to ask about their journey in the industry. He also writes articles about his thoughts on the music industry and discusses some of his struggles – getting one’s name out there is not an easy task.

DJ Heer is certainly a talented individual. He is destined to go very far in his career. His fans enjoy the unique sound he can produce in all his songs. They appreciate how DJ Heer is in touch with his roots and makes authentic Punjabi tunes. 

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