Emrullah Uruglica (@emru.official10)


Esports is a competition based platform involving video games, where people compete against each other either as individuals or as a team through a multiplayer gaming rostrum. Originating in 1972, Stamford University organized the first-ever esports competition revolving around the videogame – ‘Spacewar’. Then in 1980, an official tournament was held called ‘The Space Invaders Championship’ which attracted around ten thousand participants and immense media coverage. From then on esports has been a popular activity all over the world. People from different localities participate and garner large audiences who watch and spectate it. Some popular esports consist of League of Legends, DOTA, Overwatch, and Fortnite. Championships are conducted almost every year where gamers from all over the world eagerly participate in, hoping to win the finales and get the grand prize. 

Emrullah Uruglica is a smart young gentleman who explored himself until he found where his passions lie. Starting as a model, due to his dashing looks and perfect proportions he had little to no problems finding gigs that would help him earn his livelihood. He was street cast by a model agency in Zurich in 2014 because of his incredibly attractive looks and well-kept body. Work was rigorous and required a lot of hard work, something that Emrullah was always willing to give. However, after 2 years of constant traveling and uncomfortable and unusual photoshoots, he realized this was not the job for him. In 2016 Emrullah was ready to take on a different path and guide himself to success with his newfound devotion for gaming. 

Experimenting with various styles of games from open-world and fantasy RPGs (role-playing games) to FPS (first-person shooters), and competitive sports gaming. He tried everything until he found that his expertise lied in multiplayer esports specifically FIFA – the video game. With continuous practice and backbreaking work, Emrullah was able to register for the Swiss Regional Cup where he had to compete with other pro gamers having far more experience than he did. Despite being new to the concept of gaming, Emrullah won the cup and became the champion amongst 364 participants consisting of gamers and pro gamers both. Even though the competition was strong; Uruglica never gave up and was determined to accomplish his goal of winning. 

After the very successful regional cup, Uruglica quickly received a lot of fame and was now a recognized player amongst the community. Soon he got various offers from organizations and teams to join them in their escapades. He decided to join Team Liquid – a very popular and renowned esports organization based in the Netherlands, having yearly earnings of 33.7 million dollars. Through this company, Urgulica was able to participate in many international competitions against different YouTubers and Twitch streamers, winning matches left and right. His impressive abilities further contributed to him winning yet another tournament through which he received twenty-five thousand dollars cash prize. However, his accomplishments do not stop here. After his very successful winning streaks, Emrullah was able to snatch contracts from Adidas Football and Rich By Rick Boss where he scored a paid partnership and actively helped with promotions and social media marketing. 

Emrullah Uruglica has over six thousand followers on his Instagram where he constantly keeps his fans updated through stories and highlights, sharing and talking about his daily life. His experience with the partnered companies can be found on his Instagram highlights where he gives a virtual input of what goes on behind the scenes and his experience throughout the contract. Aside from his work he also gives tips and tricks on gaming and how to sustain one’s self in the community. Uruglica has plans on establishing a strong foothold in the industry and making a name for himself. He is preparing to open his very own YouTube channel where he plans on talking about esports and maybe put walkthroughs and gameplays of various video games. However, for now, he is telling his fans to be patient and look forward to what he has to present in the future.

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