Dr.Yaqoub Aleinzi (@drjacoub)


Dr.Yaqoub Aleinzi is a professional Dentist and a paediatric practitioner at the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. Dr. Aleinzi started his professional career in Dentistry as a General and until now continues to help families and children with special care and effort so that they can smile without pain and with confidence. Dr. Aleinzi fully believes in the power of a healthy and powerful smile that lasts a lifetime. According to him, it is the key to a lot of people’s happiness and satisfaction within themselves. 

Whilst being enrolled in the School of Oral Health Program in Kuwait, a comprehensive school-based/linked program which provides oral health education, prevention, and treatment to almost 270,000 Kuwaiti school children, Dr. Aleinzi realised that he had a special knack for treating his young patients. It seemed to go both ways as his little patients also seem to enjoy his fun and friendly personality which made all of their visits both happy and comfortable. 

Now, Dr. Aleinzi has been running his own private polyclinic, named ‘J Polyclinic’ where he operates with state-of-the-art, latest multi medical treatment services in a luxurious environment that makes sure to provide his patients with everything they might need from a clinic. J Polyclinic is made of multiple clinics which include dental, dermatology, plastic surgery, and internal medicine services. They also offer professional membership to entities such as the Kuwait Dental Association, the American Heart Association, Registrar of Exercise Professionals (REPs), and the American College of Sports Medicine. 

When Dr. Aleinzi is not treating his patients to the best smiles they would have, he spends his time making sure that is lifestyle is healthy and fit. His involvement and interest in fitness and exercise have also increased over the years to a point that he established the Kuwait Doctors Cycling Club on his own. Through this group, he joins and encourages other health practitioners to go on regular cycling sessions so that they remain healthy as they make sure to keep others healthy as well.  Dr. Aleinzi also has a qualification from London, United Kingdom, in industry-recognized training courses which has resulted in him being a certified fitness, personal, and circuit trainer. With all of this, Dr. Aleinzi truly is a good representation of inclusive wellness and health ambassador.

It may be hard to believe but Dr. Aleinzi never wanted to be a dentist from the start. He had an incredibly bad experience with a dentist while he was younger but with age, he decided to try again and took care of his dental problems when he was young. His perspective on the field changed when he met Dr. Tariq Abu Rizk who helped Dr. Aleinzi overcome his problems with dentistry and also changed his overview of the art. He also inspired him to get into the profession as well to a point that Dr. Aleinzi made it his mission to help as many people as it is possible and give others the same good example of dentistry that Dr. Rizk gave him. 

When Dr. Aleinzi was a general physician at the Ministry of Health, he had only started supplying to dental centres. His work then expanded to also include supplying private clinics and sectors and worked as a consultant for all of them. Being responsible for so many health clinics that he covered a whole district in Kuwait was something that Dr. Aleinzi had never thought he would be doing as a career but eventually served as a wonderful career opportunity to learn and grow in the field.

Dr. Aleinzi is now not only an incredibly successful dentist but also a passionate Invisalign provider, fitness guru, and an owner of his own clinic in Kuwait. One can follow him and his projects on his Instagram handle @drjacoub. 

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