Darryl Edwards (@fitnessexplorer)


Darryl Edwards is a 27 years old resident of London, is not only a remarkably transformed movement coach and author from an investment banking technologist but also the peerless founder of Primal Play and physical activity, health, and play researcher. Currently serving on the council of directors for the True Health Initiative, on the board of advisors for the Primal Health Coach Certification and as an ambassador for the US Play Coalition Darryl is indeed an unparalleled fitness explorer who not only bought diverging tides of vigour and vitality in the wide-ranging floods of lethargy but also managed to shatter the long-established despise in people’s mind regarding physical exercise.

After two decades of his desk-bound job of computer programmer which resulted in diabetes and high blood pressure, Darryl had to consent for an exercise program and gradually became fitter and healthier but detested those punishing workouts. Thus inspired by his 70’s childhood and the lifestyle of earliest human beings spent agile and jovial in sprinting, hunting, walking, and dealing with nature he fashioned the idea of Primal Play.

Primal Play is a super creative and always evolving exercise and movement program composed of activities that are pure, raw, all-out, rewarding, and fun. Primal Play not only allows people to dive into creative pursuits of human primal nature such as camping, fishing, swimming, gardening, or dancing but also fosters them to explore their bodies in the world around them which is their gym, better yet their playground.

To play can make people happy, vibrant, and joyful together with significantly aiding their health outcomes but most importantly it can induce people to fall in love with movement again as they were in their salad days.


According to Darryl “Movement is Medicine” and encouraging the sedentary world to get into motion again he also wrote one of the best-selling books; ‘Animal Moves’. In addition to this, he formulated a 30-days online course boosting people’s flexibility getting them in shape. His Animal Moves fun fitness deck cards for people of all ages have been shipped to over 40 countries. Darryl also serves as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences worldwide crafting workshops, seminars, or presentations to deliver the actions required not just for a quick-fix but providing a complete toolset to kick-start a new attitude towards life.  His notable research work includes “ Physical Inactivity: The Single Best Predictor Of Early Death” and “The Role of Physical Activity in Breast Cancer Prevention” and innumerable other gemstones he produced for the amelioration of society. 

Darryl’s achievements have truly been phenomenal ranging from being highlighted in frontline magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Top Santé, Elle Magazine, Men’s Fitness, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph to being featured on the BBC documentaries ‘Eat to Live Forever’, and ‘Doctor In The House’ and full-length documentaries; ‘Love Paleo’ and ‘The Human Longevity Project’. Apart from this, he has also been honoured by the successful music artist Tim McGraw in New York’s best-selling book “Grit and Grace ” and also in “4 Pillar Plan ” by UK’s leading TV Doctor Rangan Chatterjee.

Not to forget, Darryl Edwards 2019 TED Talk, “Why working out isn’t working out” has crossed 710,000 viewers. Winner of Best Fitness Book Award 2015 for Paleo Fitness, Winner of Paleo Magazine’s Best Health/Wellness book with Paleo from A to Z and Winner of Paleo Magazine’s Reader Awards – Best Fitness Website for PrimalPlay.com, Darryl has exceptionally imprinted his footprints in the world of fitness and athletic manoeuvres encouraging people hardwired to technological convenience to just come and play!

To browse more about Darryl Edwards innovative physical sports you can visit his website  www.primalplay.com where you could even receive updates regarding his latest blogs and articles or schedule a free 15-minute consult to discuss your health challenges, goals, and needs with him. You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @fitnessexplorer or google “Darryl Edwards” to find out more about Darryl’s life, work, and accomplishments.

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