Andrea Crimi (@andre.crimiofficial)


Andrea Crimi is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in Italy. He has been in the music industry for quite some time, releasing one of his first hits back in 2016. Since then, he has collaborated with many different artists and musicians and worked with many different music labels to release musical masterpieces. He is growing his fan base every day.

Andrea was born into a family of musicians. His mother – being a talented pianist – would play music for him all the time. She filled the air with music as Andrea would say. Naturally, he fell in love with music at a very young age, having such beautiful memories attached to it. As he grew slightly older, he wished to learn more about music and began listening to the large variety of stereo cassettes his mother owned. He found some of his earliest musical inspiration from these cassettes.

Music would make Andrea feel very light. He knew he could brighten up his day by turning on any of his favorite songs and sing along. He wished to create some of his own music pieces and began teaching himself how to play the piano which was followed by the guitar. He kept practicing and developing a stronger interest in music. He grew up knowing he would like to be in the music industry and so, he did just that.

In 2016, he began creating an online presence and releasing some of his own written songs. One of his songs did very well on YouTube and was generating many new viewers every time he checked. People began following his social media – curious to learn who he was. A popular Italian show, Romics, invited Andrea to come to their show and perform live in front of 300k people. This was truly an honor for Andrea and he was thrilled. When the show ended, he was introduced to the manager of his future first music label.

From that moment onwards, Andrea had been working extremely hard on his music career. In 2018, he signed with an independent music label in Milan called, “Green Tree Records.” Through this music label, Andrea collaborated with the highly reputable pianist, Enrico Palmosi. Together, the two of them created musical art on the song Nero Asfalto. This was a wonderful experience for Andrea as it was a major hit in Italy. He was gaining followers by the minute.

Recently, in June 2020, Andrea released his first-ever studio album titled, “Andrea Crimi.” This is a very intimate and personal album as every song is something meaningful to Andrea. He has written about himself, his love life, his friends and family, even his pet dog. He has also shared some of the worst times in his life and how one should stay strong to get through it. This album has resonated well with his fans. They appreciate how open and honest he is being with them while singing beautifully.

Currently, Andrea has over 48k followers on Instagram alone. He is also extremely active on other platforms such as YouTube, where he has over 8k subscribers, and his verified Facebook page, where he has over 34k followers. He makes sure to upload a variety of content for his followers so that they always have a reason to come back.

Andrea is constantly working on his next project. As he is an excellent writer already, he is working on releasing a book full of his poetry. These poems will touch on his thoughts for very personal matters he has faced. It is very close to his heart as it is very deep and intense, however, he has balanced it out by adding humor in too. He is expecting the book to do quite well.

Andrea is surely on the path to success. He is a hardworking and determined individual who is always striving for perfection. His drive is what makes him keep creating music for his fans. He appreciates all the love and support he has received from his fans and his loved ones.

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