Scott Taylor (@iamscotttaylor)


With the evolution in our daily lives, many things seem to upgrade and we experience a lot of changes in what surrounds us. Teens these days are all into dreaming higher and aiming for the best of all. For someone who aspires to become an identity from a young age, it is very important to have fine knowledge about the task of an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur is someone willing to risk it all under his leadership. He is someone who thinks of an idea and is ready to visualize, strategize, and execute it. 

Scott Taylor falls under the category of such individuals who at a very immature age end up finding themselves doing wonders. At the age of 15, this young lad dreamt of becoming successful one day and begun his journey right away. For Scott, it took nearly 16 years to structure himself into this businessman. The story of each of his accomplishment drives a normal human insane as it is indeed difficult to comprehend the height of success Mr. Scott has reached. 

Currently, Scott serves as the Global Head for the Investments AI at the American International Group, a multi-finance corporation in more than 80 countries. Besides this, Scott is the Chief executive Officer at “miDrive”, a platform assisting those who are willing to drive in the safest possible way and as well as the Chief Operating Officer at Zillion Commerce. He has managed to generate tons of profit through the multiple businesses he is in the hold of. Moreover, he is currently an advisor and a mentor for EC1 Capital and Virgin StartUp, respectively. By managing a wide range of technology-related start-ups of both B2B and B2C Scott has been lucky enough to generate billions over a year.

Regardless of his accomplishments so far, it never occurred to Scott to take it all for granted. He has a heart of gold and feels responsible enough to help the ones in need. In all, he has contributed over a hundred million dollars to fund. This act of him gives us an idea of how down to earth his personality is but mostly, how he did not let the money get to his head. The American business magazine by the name “Forbes” that focuses on business, investment, technology, etc named Scott under the headline of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 (Technology)’ in the year 2017.  On being recognized at such a big level, he could not have been any happier and satisfied with his career. 

Having gone so far with his career as an entrepreneur, it is quite surprising to know that Scott managed to write two great, informative books for people to get inspiration from. He wrote the books called “10 Minute Guide to Fundraising” and “10 Minute Guide to Mental Fitness” which have been made available on huge applications like Amazon, and Apple Books. Not many people after being involved with multiple companies care to extend hands toward helping people out professionally. However, Scott is one leader, who wants the youth to grasp hold of the opportunities just like he did so. Scott goes on his Instagram by the name @iamscotttaylor where he often is found sharing pictures of him enjoying his life. He is a traveler as it is pretty evident how much he loves exploring the world and cannot wait to reschedule all of his trips soon after the global pandemic ends.

Scott Taylor today,  is a representation of the technology world. From dreaming of reaching the goals he turned them into a reality that is too beneficial for the world. He has generated handsome profits for the companies he has worked with and is a name now that businesses look for. He sets the complete example of an established 31-year-old who has made it higher than most people do. His constant will and passion is the reason he is a renowned name in today’s era.

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