Rommy Putra (@rommyputra17)


Rommy Putra is a popular singer and musician based in Indonesia. He has been working towards the industry for some time now. He has used his time to establish great connections with producers, songwriters, and other musicians. He is also currently signed with an Indonesian Music Label. Rommy is also a social activist who influences people through social media.

Rommy has always been interested in music and singing ever since he was a young child. He loves listening to different types of tunes and getting lost in their melodies. He acknowledges good music when he hears it – he has a very good ear for it. He began singing along to some of his favorite songs and developing his singing skills. Eventually, his loved ones heard his voice and were amazed and how good he sounded.

Since then, Rommy has been encouraged to start his music career. He wished to enter the industry but was not too sure how. However, the more he sang, the more he tried to pursue it. He has a very soft, delicate, angelic type of voice which meant he would have his own unique sound. Eventually, he started gaining recognition for his singing and so, music labels saw the potential in him.

Rommy made his way to the Indonesian music label, Sunjaya Music Entertainment. This label has a wide following and is well-known in the Indonesian music industry. When they heard Rommy’s talent, they simply could not turn him down. Rommy is now very happily signed with them and is pursuing his dreams.

During his time with them, he has released two major singles. The first one Bidadariku – translating into “My Angel” – is a love song. His soft vocals go perfectly with the music. This song was a major hit and was featured on many radio stations as he shows in his highlights video on Instagram. He has also topped many charts. His second single, Ku Bukan Dia, was released in April of this year and is also doing well.

Rommy is enjoying his time rising to fame. Currently, he has over 25.5k followers on Instagram. He is also active on other platforms such as TikTok. His music is available for streaming on the most popular sites. Rommy is quite popular amongst the Indonesian community and has been featured on many different platforms.

Rommy uses his Instagram to promote a lot of his work. He acknowledges the wide following he has and makes sure to put it to good use. He is often posting teasers and single cover photos to encourage his fans to listen to his music. Moreover, he has been using his platform to spread awareness about COVID-19 by uploading an IGTV video on it. He hopes to encourage his fans to stay safe during these unprecedented times. His fans appreciate his content.

Having released songs in the past and being known for his voice, Rommy has been invited to perform at many different events. He has traveled to places like Singapore to get on stage and sing for his international fans. He does not shy away from sharing this on his Instagram. He enjoys the rush he feels when he is on stage and hears the crowd singing along. It is truly a fulfilling moment for him as an artist.

When Rommy is not busy working on his music, he is trying to help the lives of others. He is considered a social activist within his community as he is a part of the Indonesian State Defending Forum, an organization under the Ministry of Defence to serve his country and local communities. People highly appreciate Rommy’s efforts to help them do better.

Rommy is surely a hardworking and kindhearted individual. His persistence and determination for success have surely brought him on the right path. He is happy to be pursuing his dreams and is destined to go far. He is topping the charts and receiving plenty of support from his family, friends, and fans.

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