Marco Mosquera Ramírez (@marcomosquerar)


Maintaining journalistic integrity in a time where yellow journalism and dishonesty are rampant, is difficult. However, Marco Mosquera Ramírez is managing it quite well. As a young, dynamic, and ambitious journalist, he has a lot to offer to the world. Even as a young child, Ramírez was an avid reader and followed current world affairs closely. He enjoyed learning about different things happening all over the globe and analyzed everything deeply. As he grew older, he realized that he would make a pretty great journalist. He was outgoing, loved reading and writing, and also loved acquiring knowledge about worldly affairs. After deciding that he wanted to pursue journalism as a career, Ramírez started working tirelessly towards his goal.

Ramírez has successfully pursued his career in journalism since the latest decade. He has worked in various small gigs and some famous ones as well. From participating and organizing kid’s shows to sports, fashion, and entertainment segments, Ramírez has done it all! He’s been part of some great investigative journalism projects which have helped him gained an incredible amount of information and insight about the world. He also does copious amounts of research on each of the issues that he reports on. He does this to ensure complete transparency and authenticity. After all, the mark of a true journalist is their ability to report truthfully and effectively. 

Ramírez is also a big fan of the entertainment industry and has partaken in voice acting for the official game of the famous Netflix show: “Narcos.” Not just this, he has also been mesmerizing listeners on the radio with his beautiful voice and charisma for quite some time. Ramírez started his radio show on the channel 101.2 FM when he was living in Columbia. Since then, his radio show has gained fame and he has managed to impress a lot of people with his talent. His radio show covers a variety of topics from politics to social events and even entertainment news. 

He loves interacting with the people who tune in to listen to him and is one of the friendliest radio show hosts around! Ramírez is also very heavily invested in politics and uses his platform to highlight important topics that affect society. These include racial inequality, sexism, and other political issues like voting rights, etc. Recently, he has established his Dobleu-H Podcast. This podcast is designed to report and discuss issues of racial injustice against the black community in America and was started by Ramírez after the murder of George Floyd in the US. This podcast reports and gives coverage to Black Lives Matter protests and all the steps that are being taken by American people to fight racism in America. People can access his podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast as well. Ramírez loves how convenient and accessible podcasts are. People can tune in anytime and catch up on the conversation, unlike the more traditional radio system. He aims to create more awareness about podcasts so his podcast can be accessed by more people, not just in America, but around the globe as well. 

Ramírez has achieved so much for a young man of his age. He is currently partnering up with Columbian journalist Maria Alejandra Rodriguez and invites her on his podcasts to discuss important political and social issues. They have both had excellent and insightful discussions on the Black Lives Matter movement and hope to continue this in the future as well. Ramírez is pretty popular on Instagram as well. He uses is to spread awareness and to connect with all kinds of people around the globe. This includes other journalists, artists, and radio show hosts as well as hundreds of fans who adore him for his honest work. He has around 16.8K followers on Instagram and posts fun pictures of himself and related to the causes that he feels strongly about. If you’re looking for some inspiration or to gain awareness, check out his Instagram page (@marcomosquerar).  

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