Luis Antonio Ortiz Contreras (@luisortizcontreras)


Luis Antonio Ortiz Contreras is a sound engineer, ambient producer, graphic designer, and visual artist born in the Dominican Republic. To call him an artist would be an understatement because his work not only reflects his talent but his essence as well. His love for creating art in the form of music and/or visuals is beyond magical. He attended a Catholic School in his hometown Romana, DR, and after that went to Immaculate Heart of Mary College and then proceeded to get three diplomas in Live Sound, Social Media Marketing, and Public Relations/Image Management from Shaw Academy. He completed his degree in Arts and Science from SAE Institute of Technology in Barcelona. 

His musical journey started when he decided to pick an instrument and learned to play it. Since then he has learned to play many instruments and is also known as a multi-instrumentalist. Le plus de laM is a dream-pop rock band created by the solo artist Luis Ortiz. In 2005 Luis was playing with one of the first Indie bands in the Dominican Republic like SPAM, Airthinives, and Sun of Beaches. They were quite popular among the locals and had a large number of supporters. However, after 5 years of being a part of his band, he left it in 2010 to move to Barcelona. Living in Barcelona he got many opportunities to showcase his talent. He worked as a sound engineer at the most exclusive recording studio from which he got ample of knowledge. Furthermore, he worked part-time at more studios, festivals, and toured with several groups of musicians. After traveling to different parts of the world, experiencing all sorts of culture, and meeting new people he decided to take a break from it to try new things. That is when he decided to try graphic design and work as a visual artist. 

In 2013 his career skyrocketed. He got the opportunity to play as a Resident DJ at the Giorgio Armani Club (Armani/Prive nightclub) in Dubai. The unforgettable experience he had there and the response he got from his performance is to this day unmatched. On his Instagram page @luisortizcontreras he posted small video clips of his performance and the visuals he used. Moreover, the posts his graphic designs that are mesmerizing to look at. Besides that, he collaborates with his old bandmates to work on new music. Alongside, he decided to start a recording label with Marco Rostagno and Nestor Torres named HMM Records and another label named LA FAME Records and started to work on releasing ambient and Indie Rock music. 

The most important part of any event is its ambiance. It is essential for the DJ to keep the audience lively throughout the event. Having the experience and knowledge he has, Luis Antonio Ortiz Contreras knew how to create a perfect ambiance through his music. He creates an environment that every person in the room can sway to. His visuals plus the ambient music make it hard to not get on the dance floor and enjoy the evening. Being an innovator and having a set of skills that can create a masterpiece is very rare to find in a person yet Luis is a living example of it. Traveling to different parts of the world and experiencing new things have polished his talent even more. 

Aside from music, Luis is very passionate about photography. His aesthetic pictures are all over his social media accounts. At times he is behind the lens and sometimes in front of it. Both the times the pictures turn out equally intriguing. On his Instagram, Facebook, and even Tumblr his pictures show how passionate he is about the things he loves. 

The people who are thriving to stay relevant in the industry should learn from Luis and stay focused. Luis believes that people should stay positive and trust in their goals because a person’s passion is what will lead them to their goal.

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